FL Bar Rules for Websites – An Overlay Disclaimer for Past Results & Testimonials

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Last January, The Florida Bar released new guidelines for law firm websites. Sites are now required to” present a disclaimer before the visitor” reads any past results or testimonials. Several statements must be accepted before the content cant be viewed.

Since these rules go into effect July 1st, 2010, we’ve created a script that we can adapt to various florida law firm sites, in order to meet the bar requirements. If you are interested in us installing this disclaimer and helping your website conform to the new Florida Bar Rules, please contact us.

Pop-Up Overlay (Lightbox)” Disclaimer Features

  1. Ability to add to any page (requires PHP and use of jQuery)
  2. The disclaimer pops up/overlays the whole page, whenever it is visited directly (such as through a search engine) or through navigating the website.
  3. If the browser does not have JavaScript enabled, the user is redirected to the home page.
  4. If the user does not check any checkboxes, and tries to accept, the user is notified that they must agree to each checkbox or not view the content.
  5. If the user does not agree, they are redirected to the” home page.
  6. Once accepted, the user can view the content and the disclaimer won’t pop up again for the browsing session.

Two working examples

  • Past Results and Testimonials Disclaimer – Example 1  (PULLED OFFLINE)
    Close and re-open your browser if you would like to see the disclaimer again after accepting.
  • Past Results and Testimonials Disclaimer – Example 2 – Optional contact form (PULLED OFFLINE)
    Note: This must be optional according to the bar rules and we would recommend using the first example.

About the Disclaimer Language Used

The text used on the disclaimer is taken directly from the “Sample Disclaimer Page” provided by the Florida Bar. This sample disclaimer combines the required wording for both past results and testimonials under “You should know that”.

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