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Have you noticed your website dropping in rankings? If so, the PaperStreet Disavow Program can help.  Google may have observed that your site has low-quality back links. These links can be part of the reason why your rankings continue to decrease.

Google continually updates their algorithm to make search results stricter against spam, but sometimes the updates can negatively impact your search engine results. For example, during a previous SEO campaign you may have obtained back links from websites that were – at the time – considered safe and valuable. While it was once beneficial to have these links, today they can be negatively affecting your rankings.

The importance of back links was born from the Penguin algorithm update of 2013. After the Penguin update any site with unnatural links pointing to their website experienced a dramatic decrease in rankings.

Google categorizes unnatural back links in two formats: Disavow Only and Manual Action Penalty.

Disavow Only

Back links in the Disavow Only category are not as severe as links in the Manual Action Penalty category, but still require attention. Our team will review all the links and submit a disavow request to Google. Read more information about this program below.

Manual Action Penalty

The Manual Action Penalty recognition strongly affects your website … in a bad way. In this category Google has indicated the need to sever ties with the low-quality back links; we need to prove to Google that we are making efforts to clean these links up by submitting a request to reconsider the website to restore rankings. Read more information about this program below.

Disavow First, SEO Campaign Second

If you have a current SEO campaign, or are about to begin an SEO campaign with PaperStreet, severing ties with these low quality backlinks (and getting the reconsideration letter approved by Google) will be a stop-gap to your current SEO campaign. Directly put, we will pause all continual monthly work on any SEO campaign until we receive the all clear that reconsideration has been accepted.

We take pride in the back links that we get for our clients. We stand by the work that we do. Once ties have been severed with any known unnatural back links, we have the reassurance that our work will only help your rankings climb to top positions within search engines.

Interested? Phone Us

If it sounds like the disavow program can help you, give us a call: 954-523-2181. You can also fill out our online contact form and someone will reach out to you within 24 hours.


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