Peter BoydBanner Ads and the Florida Bar Advertising Rules

According to the Florida bar hotline, Google banner ads have always fallen under the full advertising rules.  To comply with the new guidelines, firms need only list:

  1. The firm name or the name of an individual attorney responsible for the ad (whichever is shorter).
  2. The city (you don’t need the full address to comply with the “office location” rule).

So, if PaperStreet was a law firm, we would only need to list:  PaperStreet, Ft. Lauderdale or Pete Boyd, Ft. Lauderdale

I’ve copied the actual rule below for reference (emphasis added):


(a) Name and Office Location. All advertisements for legal employment must include:

(1) the name of at least 1 lawyer, the law firm, the lawyer referral service if the advertisement is for the lawyer referral service, or the lawyer directory if the advertisement is for the lawyer directory, responsible for the content of the advertisement; and

(2) the city, town, or county of 1 or more bona fide office locations of the lawyer who will perform the services advertised.


We are following up with the bar on the difference between PPC and Banner ads next (if there is one).

Comments? Let us know your thoughts.

2 Responses to Banner Ads and the Florida Bar Advertising Rules

  1. Lauren Lipcon
    9:03 am on February 19th, 2013

    when you say banner ads you are referring only to standard banners, correct? not pay per click ads, right?

  2. PaperStreetWeb
    9:24 am on February 19th, 2013

    Unfortunately, when we call the Florida bar, they stated that both banner and text ads (PPC) need to conform to the rules. You can abbreviate longer cities names, but it must list your location.

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