Attorney Biography Questionnaire: A Sample Checklist, Survey & Guide for a Law Firm Website

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We create a lot of law firm websites.  With over 750 websites created ranging from solo practitioners to 200+ attorney firms, we have seen just about every type of bio.

In fact, we have probably reviewed over 10,000 bios in our time.  To help keep everything in order, we have a standard checklist that we provide to all lawyers when creating their new website.

PaperStreet Attorney Questionnaire

We are designing the firm’s new web site and marketing materials.  We need your assistance in updating your biography.  We ask that each attorney fill out the attached questionnaire.

It should not take longer than 15 minutes to fill out.  Please also attach your resume to supplement the questionnaire with additional information.  Thank you for your timely response.

Biography Questions

  1. How would you like your NAME to appear on the site?
  2. What is your TITLE at the firm (partner, associate, of counsel)?
  3. What is your OFFICE information?
  4. What is your PHONE?
  5. What is your FAX?
  6. What is your EMAIL?
  7. What are your PRACTICE AREAS / GROUPS? These should correlate with the approved practice area pages we’re creating for the site.
  8. What EXPERIENCE or CAREER HIGHLIGHTS do you have?
  11. What is your LAW SCHOOL EDUCATION? Include undergraduate and law school information including majors and cum laude if applicable (need at a minimum proper name of school and year of graduation).
  12. Do you have any OTHER EDUCATION?
  13. Were you part of a FRATERNITY? Anything with a Latin name goes here.
  14. Where are you ADMITTED to practice? Provide all bar associations, state and federal, for which you are a member.
  15. What are your COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES? Do you have any COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIPS? Pertinent community memberships – if you want to hurry and join before the site is published, do so (this goes for the professional memberships as well).
  16. Do you have any PUBLISHED WORKS? ARTICLES, PAPERS, NOTES or PRESENTATIONS? Include law review, seminar papers, etc.
  17. Do you speak any other LANGUAGES?
  18. Do you have MILITARY EXPERIENCE?
  19. Do you have any TRIALS, CASES, or TRANSACTIONS you’d like to mention?
  20. Do you have any AWARDS or HONORS? All pertinent awards and honors.  Separate legal from non-legal.  AV Ratings, SuperLawyers, Moot Court Awards, etc.  go here.
  21. Do you have any PERSONAL INFORMATION you’d like to mention?
  22. Do you have a PHOTO (please attach)?
  23. Do you have a RESUME (please attach)?
  24. Do you have any other CERTIFICATIONS? In Texas, for example, attorneys in certain specialties can be certified as specialists by the Texas Bar.  Another example of certification are CPAs, CFIs, etc.
  25. PERSONAL INFO – What else do you want to say about yourself? Marathon runner?  Married with two kids?  Past member of the military or the Peace Corps?  Deacon of your church?  Former city councilman?

You can download our Attorney Questionnaire & Survey in MS Word.

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