The Art of Storytelling Within Your Law Firm’s Website

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It’s no secret that brand storytelling is lauded as a successful marketing strategy. Unfortunately, few law firms have yet to embrace this approach to their web content. Whether it’s a fear of sounding unprofessional or simply a lack of know-how, many law firms present a website heavy in legalese and light on substance. If a potential client feels a connection to your law firm or has an emotional response to your content, you stand a better chance of standing out among the throngs of other personal injury lawyers, family law attorneys, etc. This post assists attorneys with storytelling techniques for your legal content that will appeal to potential clients and helps you create a brand identity. 

Legal Storytelling Technique #1: Your “About Us” Content

One of the easiest ways to employ storytelling on your law firm’s website is to talk about yourself. If your law firm is family run, make sure your clients know that. (Research shows that family businesses are regarded more favorably by consumers.) If your decision to become an attorney was based on a personal experience or conviction, discuss that. Was a loved one in an accident that resulted in a lawsuit? Talk about it. 

Unless your personal narrative turns impersonal or too grandiose, talking about yourself can be a valuable content marketing strategy. There is still a general mistrust of attorneys in today’s society, so coming across as relatable is an effective way to help your website turn visitors into clients. 

Legal Storytelling Technique #2: Testimonials 

The cliché “nothing succeeds like success” certainly applies to law firm marketing. If your firm has won high yield cases for your clients, by all means, list them. That’s true no matter what area of law you’re in. 

For many potential clients, the numbers speak for themselves. If, however, a past client is willing to share their experiences via a testimonial, the impact is far greater. Potential clients need to know what circumstances can lead to a legal victory. Too many site visitors may simply assume that your victories came from stronger claims than theirs. If you can provide a variety of successful claims, the more convinced a potential client will be to call your firm. 

Legal Storytelling Technique #3: Personas and Walk-Throughs 

What may seem to be an easy legal matter to an attorney could either appear complicated or just plain overwhelming to a potential client. On the other hand, some potential clients may not realize just how much they need the help of an attorney. In any of those scenarios, the proper content on your law firm’s website could effectively illustrate claims to your site visitors. 

Create blog posts that explain a legal matter as a story. For example, tell the tale of Dale, a car accident victim or Jane, a woman filing for divorce who suspects that her husband hid assets.

If you find yourself cringing at this type of content, remember, you’re not crafting a bedtime story or the next great American novel. Instead, you’re just presenting scenarios and then creating a walkthrough of the legal procedures in an easy to understand matter. 

How to Present Your Content on Your Law Firm’s Website

Of course, if you have a limited budget or lack time to spare, you can simply use text to present the above narratives on your law firm’s website. Taking the written word a bit further, however, is even more likely to help you achieve marketing success.


With free tools like Canva and other design programs, you can transform a story into an impressive visual. Personas and walkthroughs are particularly effective in this format as you can map out the steps of a legal claim. 


Audible and similar programs have boosted the use of audio content presentations. Whether a person is jogging outside or commuting to work, more and more audiences are willing to listen to what you have to say.

There are plenty of options to choose from with regard to presenting narratives. Record yourself discussing your background. Have a colleague or loved one interview you. Ask a former client if they’d be willing to anonymously discuss their case. 

Creating a podcast does take some expertise and can create some technical challenges in terms of production. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to test a DIY version, Amazon and other sellers offer complete podcast kits starting at around $50. 


There’s no denying that your law firm strongly needs to consider creating videos regardless of the content that you choose to film. Combining storytelling with your video, however, is more likely to generate positive responses. Content attached to an emotion is likely to be more convincing and memorable. Additionally, content that tells a tale is more likely to be successful on social media in terms of getting clicks, likes, and shares.

Like podcasts, yes a videographer is likely the best way to create an impressive video. If, however, you have a moving or truly interesting piece of content a simple iPhone video may be all you need. 

Takeaway: Remember to Keep Your Legal Content Personal

Storytelling is an effective marketing technique for your law firm, but strive for more than just one good story. Share news about non-legal activities of your staff such as charity events and other heartwarming tales. Add more than just your education to your attorney bio. Blog about topics that are buzzworthy. Again, personal content is unlikely to be detrimental unless you present the wrong tone. Overall, keep your web content informative and engaging, and most importantly, human.


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