5 Things Your Web Developer Wished You Knew


Building a website is no small feat. As a developer, I know firsthand just how many intricate details go into creating a new site. That being said, the full extent of work on the development end is not something the average consumer may be aware of. Below is an inside look into the development process – and into the mind of a developer – that can help consumers better understand what happens behind the scenes and how we can work together to minimize issues, reduce time and expedite a site’s launch.

The development process can often be complex, but working together ensures a smooth transition and faster resolutions.

  1. Most tasks are not just a simple click of a button

When doing any update on a website, it usually does not happen with just a simple click of a button. Many times, we, as developers, need to open files, go through the code, test different outcomes, reread the given task at hand, make sure the request does not interfere with any other areas of the site and other important details. This can take time – a lot of time. Though it may seem like we’re magicians – and we often can be – it is important to understand that intricate tasks need time to get resolved.

  1. Your browser is probably caching

After any website update is completed, please make sure to clear your browser cache. If you are not seeing the update, it is most likely because your browser may be caching. There is a chance we missed the update, but always check to see if you are caching first. You can either go into the settings of your preferred browser or try a hard refresh with the commands below:

  • Mac – Cmd + Shift + r
  • PC – Ctrl + Shift = r
  1. The more specific you are, the faster and more accurate we will be

Being as specific as possible (on a website request) helps us greatly as developers (and as a team overall) to address your concerns and requests thoroughly. When we know exactly what to do, we can most likely finish your edits quicker and with fewer errors.

  1. Try your website on another network if your website is not working

If your site is not working for some reason, try your website on your phone or another network. Your internet connection might be causing the issue instead of your website being broken. This can save you time and the feeling that your website is down – possible causing you to lose business and/or leads.

  1. We enjoy what we do

Most of us got into the web design industry because we enjoy building websites and working with code. We are here to help. By working together to address both simple and complex tasks, we can facilitate and expedite the site’s development. The end result is a win-win scenario for all of us.


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