Important Content Marketing Trends for Lawyers

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While we know that lawyers and business owners don’t always have the time to dedicate to content writing, keeping up with the following trends may end up giving your business the boost it needs to increase revenue – which is the ultimate goal, right?

1. Podcasts and Videos Breathe New Life into Topics That May Not Be All That Interesting

As lawyers and business owners, you have a lot to say and you want your current and potential clients to have as much information as possible. However, are you really reaching your client base? Are you merely focusing on making sure your website content has every possible statute mentioned and every rule of law thoroughly discussed? For some (i.e., those who are gluttons for punishment), that level of technical info may work. But for many average everyday Joes and Josephines, watching a few minutes of video or listening to a great podcast will get a better reception, especially if they need your services or products.

Now, this doesn’t mean for you to go create a 2-hour video on the history of torts. Let’s face it, very few people, if anybody, will really care about that enough to sit that long. Instead, choose to discuss something that’s “hot off the presses.” Recent news items related to your practice or business make for great topics and discussing them on a podcast or a short video will catch people’s interest and attention — and maybe even get your phone ringing.

2. Let’s Face It – the Metaverse is Here to Stay, So Get Onboard

Millions of people are using or have usedvirtual or augmented reality, and such usage has been on a steady increase. That said, if you haven’t taken a deeper look into how you can make your marketing campaign a part of the metaverse, now is probably a good time to do so (especially if your client base consists of millennials and older Gen Z’s). Just know…this realm of marketing has to be done correctly because if it’s not, you’ll likely lose all credibility. While many tend to think that “any press is good press,” that’s not always the case. You have to be prepared to be (and stay) an active participant in the metaverse, as that is one of its main characteristics – real-time interaction that fully immerses the user.

3. Content Reviews Need to be Done Regularly

Yes, we know that piece you wrote on how pedestrians are being injured and/or killed at an alarming rate was thorough and thought-provoking when you wrote it –  two years ago. However, did you refer to statistics in the article? Have those numbers been updated? Do the statistics still support your intended message? These are all things you need to take into account as you look to improve your content marketing in 2022. Readers are looking for the most up-to-date information possible, so if your stellar article from 2020 is the only thing your client base has to refer to, they will likely head elsewhere for more recent information.

This is not to say that you need to keep constant watch over each and every article you write on a daily or weekly basis. But it is not uncommon for businesses and law firms to conduct a thorough content audit at least once, if not twice, per year. Learn what content outshines others so you can make thoughtful decisions as you look to improve your overall content marketing campaign.

4. Whether We Like it or Not, the Use of Content Generators Via AI is On the Rise

For some business owners, putting out content quickly regardless of quality is of utmost importance. Accordingly, they are turning to the world of artificial intelligence content tools to get this done. But keep in mind that this trend may not work for every business or law firm. For example, if a personal injury law firm decides to give AI content a try, will the generator provide the readers and potential clients with the most updated and accurate information about dealing with injuries and the after-effects of accidents? Or will the article end up being like a glorified content spinner of old information that may or may not be correct? Will it take SEO best practices into account or will Google end up ignoring that content? 

For those in need of more authentic content, AI may not be the best choice. However, take note – AI content will likely flood search engines eventually, which might make it more difficult for clients and consumers to get to more valid and accurate content.

5. Having Empathy Goes a Long Way in Life and Online

After the last couple of years we’ve had, it should come as no surprise that people are looking for business and law firm owners to speak to them empathetically and authentically. Are you or your business or law firm active in the community? Do you care about what is going on in the world and how your current and potential clients are feeling? Or are you just out to make money and just mention a few things here and there to appear as though you’re “woke?”  

If you care, say you care, and better yet, show you care. Perhaps take the time to conduct a survey of your client base to see what they’re dealing with and find out what they need to know. You may be surprised to learn that what they need and seek from a business is exactly what you have to give them. Share your own stories with your readers and show them that we’re all humans who are dealing with one thing or another.

Don’t Know What to Do Next With Your Content Marketing Campaign? We Can Help

Keeping up with ever-changing trends and content needs can be a tall order for many businesses and firms that simply don’t have the time to make this a top priority. If that’s your situation, consider reaching out to us here at PaperStreet for assistance. Whether you need help with planning, writing or editing, we have a plethora of options to best bolter your web traffic and conversions. Contact us today to learn which marketing plan will work best for you.

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