How to Brainstorm Topics for Your Podcast

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Podcasts are an excellent tool for building your online marketing presence and growing your law firm or company. The catch is that a poorly produced program could lead an attorney or a business owner to feel as though the podcast is a sunk cost. Companies and firms produce an endless amount of podcasts, but most simply don’t get listened to or bring the traffic to their websites that make their podcast efforts worth it.

So, how can you ensure that investing time and effort into your law firm or company’s podcast is worth it? In this post, we go over our top tips for coming up with podcast ideas that bring results.

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5 Tips for Brainstorming Podcast Topics

Whether you are starting your podcast from scratch, or have hit a wall after producing what you feel comfortable with, there is always the inevitable difficulty of continuing to have interesting topics to discuss in your podcasts.

The following are our top five tips for having an endless supply of quality podcast ideas.

Hold Team Brainstorming Meetings

While you likely have dedicated marketing staff with plenty of ideas to provide for podcast topics, why not also include the rest of your team in brainstorming sessions? Not only will they bring in more ideas, but with direct experience in their departments, they may have great thoughts about the latest updates in your law firm’s areas of expertise.

Some questions you can ask your team to expand upon include “what can we cover better than anyone else,” “what new trends in our industry can we cover,” or “what updates can we make to existing topics we’ve already used?”

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Collaboration can lead to outstanding ideas as your team bounces thoughts off of one another. Who knows what kinds of innovative topics these kinds of discussions can lead to!

Bring on Guests

When you’ve run out of ideas of topics to discuss, collaboration with others outside of your company or law firm can be an excellent way of promoting creativity and great content for your podcast.

To find potential guests to interview, start with your niche. Talk to those within your network, and use social media and blogs to find other companies or organizations that could benefit from doing a podcast with you. By collaborating with creators or partners who can speak on your area of expertise, you can broaden your podcast content and present a fresh perspective on topics you’ve already covered. Plus, you will likely gain new leads by bringing on some of your guest’s existing audience.

Involve Your Audience

One of the most important approaches to successful marketing is constantly listening and adapting to your target audience. And what better way to do this than by asking for their suggestions directly?

One way of doing this is by suggesting that listeners send in their questions at the end of your podcast episodes. Be sure to make it easy for your listeners to get their feedback back to you by providing contact information.

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You can also leverage your social media by asking in a post or Instagram story – this can be especially useful by using the poll feature. Ask your followers to suggest new topic ideas they’d find helpful, people they’d like to hear you interview, or perhaps they’ll just share some interesting thoughts they have about how to improve your show.

Use Google Search

As always, Google is your friend when coming up with new podcast ideas.

Try searching for keywords related to your industry and see what appears on the first page. You can also check at the bottom of the page after your Google search, under “related searches,” to see other hot topics that are being searched for.

You can also use keyword tools such as Wordtracker to see what popular topics users are searching for related to your company or firm’s area of expertise. If people are already searching for these topics, chances are, featuring them on your podcast will answer questions that lots of potential clients are asking!

Engage in Content from Other Companies in Your Industry

As with any marketing strategy, it’s always important to know what your competitors are doing (and if you can do it better). This applies to podcasts as well. When doing your research, don’t just look at their podcasts – check out what they are posting about on social media and in their blogs as well, and see what topics people are engaging with the most.

And don’t worry about whether or not your competitors are covering similar topics to your area of expertise – even if these topics have been covered before, the way you discuss them will be unique and offer a valuable perspective.

To get started, check out our podcast checklist.

When All Else Fails, Turn to PaperStreet

Attorneys and other business owners don’t always have the time needed to produce a successful podcast.

Luckily, PaperStreet’s top-notch marketing team has all the advice, ideas, and expertise you need to build, maintain and grow your podcast. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today.

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