Your Web Design Layout Does Not Make You Creative or Even Good.

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Stop Reinventing the Wheel.

Almost all new web designers, and even some old ones, want to reinvent the wheel for each client. They come up with new layouts for each and every single new design. It’s not needed. It wastes time. It wastes talent. It wastes conversions.

Real World Examples

Let’s take a car example. All cars basically have the same layout:”  4 wheels, trunk, 5 seats, and engine in front. The beauty between an Audi and a Kia is in the details. Audi is not trying to reinvent the layout of the car at every turn, only the details.

Let’s take a house example. All houses basically have the same elements and often the same layout:”  four bedrooms, hallway, kitchen, 2 baths, and basically centered on the family room. However, the difference between a high-end house and a low-end house is again in the details.


How to truly be creative is to focus on details, not the layout. Similar to cars, designers should be focusing on important details.


A New Layout is Not Being “Creative”

Unique layouts do not make the site creative or uncreative. Using old layouts is not a bad thing. Using an old layout does not make you boring. Using an old layout does not make you uncreative.

Using an old layout makes you is efficient, smart, and allows you to focus your talents on what is important. In fact, most good designers reuse layouts. It’s like having a great fastball or sales pitch that you can rely on to win. Good, old layouts work. They make your life easy. They get results and impress clients.


Impressing & Getting Conversions is the Key

The key to any design is making an impression and getting results. Sure a new layout can impress. It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s sexy. However, does it get results?”  Often using an unproven layout, even if it is pretty kick-ass, can lead to a drop in conversions. Users get confused with unique navigation, new placement of calls to action, etc.

A Good, Old Layout Allows you to Focus on What is Truly Important

There are many layouts that have been proven to be efficient and work. More importantly there are many layouts that impress and are simply perfect. Why change them for the sake of supposedly being “creative”?”  Using solid layouts as your “go to” strategy works. It allows you to focus. It allows you to use your talent specifically on what is truly important.

What is important?

  1. Big Ideas / Big Theme
    1. What is the goal of the sites?
    2. What is your Message
  2. Photography
    1. What imagery are you using?
    2. Does it match to the brand?
    3. Does it match the message?
  3. Tagline / Call to Action
    1. Do you have a solid tagline / call to action on each page?
  4. Color Scheme
    1. Does your color scheme work?
    2. Does it match the brand?
  5. Details of Design
    1. What details have you put into the design to make it different?


Select a layout quickly and efficiently. Once you select a layout, you will find freedom that comes with being able to focus on what is important. Your design details will improve. You will impress clients and get results.

What are your thoughts on layouts?”  Chime in, we love to hear your feedback.

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