What We are Looking Forward to Most About Fall

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You might not know it, but Florida does have a Fall season. The leaves don’t change color and it doesn’t snow, but the weather gets better (sometimes), northerners crowd our streets and we get to break out our scarfs and boots.

Even in Florida, Fall is something to get excited about, but we have PaperStreet peeps in Colorado, New Jersey, Georgia, and Pennslyvania – all cold places. So, to kick-off the season, we asked the team: What are you looking forward to most about Fall?

What are You Looking Forward to the Most About Fall?

“I’m looking forward to some cooler weather and pumpkin treats!”


– Isabela



“The alt-J concert I’ve been counting down to for months, college football, cozy oversized sweaters, pumpkin anything & everything, crisp (sorta) cooler air, changing leaves (my dad use to send me leaves from New York since Florida is so seasonally challenged), Halloween! … can you tell it’s my favorite season?”

63– Chelsea



“Football. I like football. Also, Whole Foods stuffing. It’s a seasonal item.”

– Kyle



“Now living up north, one of the best seasons of the year is Fall. I’m looking forward to taking my son to Fall festivals (pumpkin patches; hayrides; apple picking; cider donuts; etc). The weather is getting cooler already and to go along with it, and just so everyone knows, the best pumpkin beer out there is Shipyard Pumpkinhead (mostly a lager with a hint of pumpkin as an aftertaste. Thank me later). Excited for Halloween too…”

7– Alex



“Fall = less humidity. Less humidity = my curls will last more than an hour, and that’s something to smile about.”


– Allison



“I’m looking forward to living in a state that experiences an actual Fall. I’m also looking forward to all the typical Fall things, like feeling the temperature get a bit cooler, seeing the leaves change and all the pumpkin flavored food/drinks.”

61– David



“In less than a month I am going on vacation, which I am excited about! I have not been on a proper vacation in years except to see family. I also have plans to meet up with my family twice over Thanksgiving and Christmas, which I am excited about since I don’t get to see them often.”

59 – Andrew



“Eating anything pumpkin, cooler weather (hopefully), wearing boots and, maybe, some light scarves, making soups / stews,
apple cinnamon candles … can you tell I’m a true Canadian?”

jillian - small– Jillian



“I’m looking forward to Fall sports. It’s the best time of the year to be a sports fan with football, hockey, basketball and baseball all in full swing. Also, I’m looking forward to winning the fantasy championship.”

– Scott



“Being able to walk the mile from my apartment to the office without being subsequently drenched in sweat!”

– Tiffany



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