Real Trends in Law Firm Marketing

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How are law firms actually marketing their services? Every year the American Bar Association conducts a survey of its members. Learn more about how your law firm’s marketing efforts stack up against your competitors. 

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The most surprising statistic? The ABA reported that 73% of attorneys from firms of 2-8 and 10-49 lawyers stated that the lawyers perform marketing tasks. This may not be the best ROI given the median salary for an attorney in Florida is 2x that of a content writer. 

Feel like your marketing isn’t generating the return on investment you expected? If you are a lawyer doing your own marketing, the best-case scenario is you are investing twice the amount of resources as a firm that outsources. No matter what type of marketing you need, we can help you determine your law firm’s best approach and package. Contact us for more information and a free review.

Source: https://www.americanbar.org/groups/law_practice/publications/techreport/2020/webmarketing/

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