Quick Web Usability Tips from Prioritizing Web Usability

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Reading Jakob Neilsen’s great book – Prioritizing Web Usability. This is a must read for anyone who does web development.

A web site can double its conversion rate with simple usability tricks.

  • Home Page Scroll – Make your home page show everything important above the fold.Only 23% of users scroll on the home page. Of those that scroll, they only see 1.8 screens.
  • Home Page Tips – Tell the user where they have arrived, offer benefits, offer info about the company and give users relevant, easy to understand choices to find their information.
  • Content – Don’t be dense. Make it scannable. Create a narrow focus to perform well in search. Offer analysis and “See Also” links.
  • Menus – Don’t flood the user with info. Create breadcrumbs.
  • Design for Search – 88% of people use search to find what they need. Make sure your web site has relevant content and is properly architected to obtain rankings.
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