How to Print Your Website From Adobe Acrobat Pro

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Adobe Acrobat Pro is installed on most computers and you can use it to print the content of your website, including all of the pages and blog posts. This is a great tool for anyone who is looking to do an audit of the site, or who wants to take a closer look at their content.

Reading your website off screen, on printed paper, may help you catch errors in grammar and can give you a broader perspective about what kind-of content may be missing.

If you want to print your website follow the steps below:

  1. Open Acrobat Pro
  2. Go to File > Create PDF > From Website
  3. Select All Levels > Get Entire Site
  4. In most cases “letter” is the appropriate choice for formatting, but you may want to change the page format to landscape if it does not fit.
  5. Adobe will resize the pages to make most of the site fit, just be sure to preview a few pages.

It is important to note that once complete the file may be very large.  Every blog post is an addition to your site, so you could potentially have a document that is thousands of pages long.

If the file is too large to email, try emailing it via Dropbox and don’t forget to consider the environment before pushing “print.”

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