Part 2: Using Photoshop to Enhance Your Website Photographs

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Enhancing Your Bio Images Using Photoshop

In Part 1 you learned how how to prep for your photograph. Taking the perfect picture is hard, that’s why designers use Photoshop. We can enhance and add finishing touches to the photograph so that it displays at its best quality on the web.

Below is a list of tweaks we can, and often, make to images to enhance their appearance.

  • We can do minor retouches. We all have our little blemish – maybe there are some undesired bags under our eyes, wrinkles we would like to smoothen out, maybe our clothes look a little wrinkly and we didn’t notice before we took the picture but we would like it ironed-out, etc.
  • We can help extend backgrounds if needed.
  • Maybe change the coloring of an image to make it more relevant with the design it is going in, or maybe a particular element that we want color change.
  • Enhance the saturation of colors or desaturations in some cases.
  • We can erase a particular undesired element in a photo.
  • We can merge images and prepare a nice image collage.

Check out some enhanced images that our team worked on below.

Two women are sitting indoors having a conversation. The woman on the right with blonde hair and a pink blazer looks intently at the other woman, as if discussing the latest tips from "Part 2: Using Photoshop to Enhance Your Website Photographs.


A woman stands next to a wooden cabinet holding green folders, smiling as she looks at the documents. Various plaques and awards are displayed on the cabinet, and plants adorn the top. An open book titled "Part 2: Using Photoshop to Enhance Your Website Photographs" lies nearby, reflecting her interest in digital creativity. Four professional headshots of two women and two men in business attire, arranged in a grid against a plain, light-colored wall. Part 2: Using Photoshop to Enhance Your Website Photographs offers techniques to make these images even more striking. A man in a light blue shirt and patterned tie is sitting at a desk, talking on a phone, and holding a notepad. A computer monitor displaying "Part 2: Using Photoshop to Enhance Your Website Photographs" is on the desk, and snow is visible through the windows behind him. A woman sits at an office desk with a laptop, smiling while holding a pen. The desk is organized with files, a phone, and stationery. Wooden cabinets and shelves with books and photos are in the background as she reviews "Part 2: Using Photoshop to Enhance Your Website Photographs.

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