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PaperStreet Web Design offers clients with existing web sites an after market optimization service, geared towards obtaining rankings in searches.

About Sacco & Associates

Sacco & Associates, P.A. is a law firm specializing in intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and other similar matters. We are located in Palm Beach County, Florida, midway between Miami and Orlando.

Our firm services a diverse group of clients ranging from large multinational corporations to individual inventors, in a variety of intellectual property matters.

The firm’s specialized practice is devoted to a range of activities designed to assist our clients in the development and management of their domestic and international intellectual property portfolios. These activities include representation of clients before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as well as international authorities, for the purpose of:

* procuring both domestic and foreign intellectual property registrations, licensing of intellectual property,

* patent and trademark infringement analysis,

* due diligence studies for corporate transactions.

Our close relationships with firms in foreign countries enable us to procure worldwide intellectual property protection for our clients when needed.

All of our attorneys are registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. However, each attorney also possesses an engineering degree in their technical field, as well as years of practical engineering experience that provides a distinct advantage for clients.

About PaperStreet Web Design

PaperStreet creates new web sites and revitalizes aging ones. PaperStreet has been designing web sites for over four years now. Our company has produced over 150 custom web sites for lawyers, doctors, vets, businesses and now auto manufacturers.

We have several accomplished web designers, programmers, and content writers on staff. Our combined talents produce compelling web sites that achieve results. More information on our services is below:

Web Design: PaperStreet has the ability to create a professional web site from scratch. PaperStreet can also redesign your existing web site for a more professional image.

Content Writing: Whether you need a few pages written, existing copy edited, or total content development, our staff writers and editors create compelling, clean copy.

Search Engine Optimization: Can you find your web site when you search on AOL, Yahoo! or Google? Top search rankings lead directly to more web traffic, which in turn leads to more clients. PaperStreet can assist in obtaining top rankings.

Internet Marketing & PPC Advertising: We can give your web site more exposure by creating Google and Overture pay-per-click and banner advertising campaigns.

Newsletters: This form of advertising is great for generating repeat traffic to your web site by providing immediate communication with clients.

Content Management: Need to add your breaking news to the web site? How about adding a new attorney or practice area? Our content management system gives you the ability to edit your own site at any time, from any where, instantly.

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