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A Million Lawyers in America – Can You Name One? To Change This PaperStreet Web Design Now Offers Print Design

PaperStreet has long realized that many law firms do not have an
identity, or worse, have a poor identity. With over a million lawyers,
it’s easy for law firms to blend in with their competitors. With so
much competition, creating an identity or brand for the law firm is
essential for its survival.

PaperStreet wants to change this by offering law firms the chance to
stand out from the crowd and be noticed. PaperStreet does this through
four different packages:

A logo design is deal for firms that already have marketing package,
but want to change the look of the firm name. PaperStreet will create
an instant image for a firm with a new logo.

Corporate Identity
PaperStreet can create a corporate identity that includes a logo, letterhead, stationary, envelopes, and more.

Once a corporate identity has been established, PaperStreet will work
with a firm to create a brochure that tells the firms story.

Finally for firms that need to market, which is almost all firms,
PaperStreet can create advertisements, flyers, direct mail, and

About PaperStreet Web Design
Founded in 2001 by a lawyer, PaperStreet creates new web sites and
revitalizes aging ones. In addition to creating web sites that are
engaging, we now create professional print designs.

In the past four years, PaperStreet has produced over 100+ legal web
sites and now applies that same professional design to print.

Whether you are a solo attorney, a partner in a law firm, looking for a
new web site or print brochure, contact PaperStreet Web Design. Find
out the PaperStreet difference at

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