PaperStreet Now Accepting Online Payments

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We recently added an online system for our clients to pay their invoices. It’s a very easy process but just in case there is some confusion, here’s a quick tutorial for our users.


Step #1: Go to the payment page on our website

Please visit the URL below to start the payment process.

Online Payments


Step #2: Enter amount and click Pay Now

Please only enter the amount you wish to pay and do not include a dollar sign.

A website screen displays an online payments section with a field labeled "Please enter your invoice amount below" filled with "$10.00" and a "Pay Now" button beside it.


Step #3: Enter company information and click continue

All fields in red are required including your invoice number. If you would like a receipt emailed to you, please enter your email.

A billing form for "PaperStreet" with fields filled for first name, last name, company name, country, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, fax number, and email address. An invoice number is also listed.

Step #4: Enter Credit Card Information

This is a one-time charge. Your credit card information is not saved by PaperStreet in any way.

Screenshot of an online payment page displaying billing information, order details, and credit card fields for a purchase from "PaperStreet Web Design." The total amount to be paid is $10.00.

Step #5: Payment Confirmed

From this page, you can click the link and print a receipt if you’d like.

A transaction receipt for an online payment to PaperStreet Web Design. The amount is $10.00 with a Visa card ending in 1111. Payment approved. Includes billing and order information.

Step #6: Confirmation

Once the payment has been processed, you will be redirected back to our website for a confirmation.

A completion screen from PaperStreet's online payment portal confirming payment details for Scott Kondor: $10.00 to PaperStreet Web Design with invoice number 15768 and confirmation 2469022490.

Step #7: Receive email receipt in your inbox

Since I entered my email address into the form, I received a receipt.


If you have any questions about our new online payment system, please call us at 954-523-2181. You can also email with any concerns.

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