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The experienced SEO specialists at PaperStreet have completely dominated Search Engine Optimization for attorney Donald C. Barrett. A full SEO campaign began two months ago, and already Donald C. Barrett is experiencing tremendous results. Ranking first for over 50 keyword phrases in the first 60 days, Barrett continues to rise in rankings.

Results speak for themselves. Check out a few Keyword Phrases where Barrett is first in organic search and Places search:

PS Website Photo

PS Website Photo

PaperStreet offers various different Law Firm Internet Marketing packages and services including:

  • Search Engine Optimization;
  • Keyword Research;
  • Title Tags;
  • H1, H2 tags;
  • Content Writing for SEO;
  • Google Places Campaigns;
  • Yahoo! Local Campaigns;
  • Bing Local Campaigns;
  • Link Building; and
  • More;

If you would like to be one of PaperStreet’s Internet Marketing success stories, please contact us for a free consultation and learn how PaperStreet can improve your rankings and increase business.

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