Microsoft Bing is Becoming All the Rage. Is Your Website Prepared?

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Many question when and if Google will ever fall in its domination of search engine usage. That time may be sooner than predicted, however, as rapid advancements in AI-technology continue to revv up and taake Google down a few pegs. Now a new threat has emerged: Samsung is considering a swap to Microsoft’s Bing as its default search engine. 

Beginning the week of April 17th, 2023, news outlets across the US were covering the potential major switch, as Samsung’s change would impact Android phone users. As phone search is a key source of revenue for law firms and businesses, website owners need to take note. Of course, the switch to Bing will present red tape to Samsung in some ways, but the bigger issue is how the status and usage of Bing is growing. Other corporations may follow Samsung’s lead and further change the game for search engine marketing.

Microsoft Bing by the Numbers

Lately, it’s nearly impossible to avoid discussions of Microsoft-backed ChatGPT. The AI tool exploded onto the market and users of all ages are quick to test the product’s content generating capabilities and then incorporate it into daily usage. As such, Microsoft’s bing.com attracted 831 million users back in February 2023 and the platform began to achieve 100 million daily active users in March. Even more success is demonstrated with the increased use of Microsoft’s Edge browser and 600% increased use of Bing’s mobile app. 

Understanding the Impact on Marketing 

Microsoft’s Bing always represented a solid 20% of search engine usage. Thus, efforts to increase search presence via search engine optimization (SEO) or paid ads (PPC) on Bing should never have been ignored. Regardless, budget concerns often led many law firms and other businesses to simply place their money into PPC and SEO for Google-only. 

Now, however, is the time for website owners to strongly consider putting some of their marketing efforts into better optimization and paid ads on Bing.

With such astronomic growth in a few short months and with major corporations such as Samsung turning their attention back to Microsoft, it’s safe to say that Bing marketing may yield some high returns.

Further, while some high competition professions, such as dentists and personal injury lawyers, may fight an on-going battle to rank on Google, Bing may provide a more level playing field. A quick switch to increased SEO and possibly paid advertising could be a well-timed marketing investment as Bing’s fervor continues to stay high. 

Though Google can’t be ignored and may come up with worthwhile competitors to Bing chat and ChatGPT, placing some funds into a thriving corporation could help you increase your client base and revenue.

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