– Copying

A white, rounded square logo with an abstract S-shaped design on a gradient blue and purple background.

Now our own site has been copied, this time by a fellow web design company – MangoTreeOnline . com.

We spend hundreds of hours on our web design, usability testing, ideas, imagery, and copy. Then someone takes our design and in a few hours creates their knock-off.

I guess it is flattery, but at the same time really, really annoying. This time the infringer is MangoTree Interactive at www . mangotreeonline . com (not linked on purpose).

The proof is below. Bottom line, the design layouts and themes are identical. They use the same:

  • Logo placement
  • Contact Form Text / Placement / Design
  • Menu Bar Height / Fonts / Labels (only changed to grey background)
  • Text in the header block – in fact that was our original text that we since changed to improve usability and conversions.
  • Layout of the header area (i.e. text / calls to action / portfolio snapshots)
  • Same tabbed navigation idea on the home page
  • Same three case studies – of course with different text
  • Same promises or in our case benefits
  • Same footer map and grey footer area

So while some of the details are minimally changed, the overall layout, theme and tone is exactly identical.

You can view a comparison of their site here…

A webpage from showcases its website design, print, and marketing services for realtors and other businesses. It highlights client success stories and company promises, with contact information included. Inspired by’s approach, MangoTree is dedicated to excellence.

and our beautiful site…

A web page for PaperStreet, showcasing their web, print, and marketing services for professionals, with sections on impressive designs, key results, guarantees, and client reviews. Discover why might be inspired by’s expert approach.

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