Law Firm Content Writing: Our 5-Step Writer Vetting Process

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At PaperStreet, we pride ourselves on producing engaging, authoritative content that is accurate and timely. We produce thousands of pages per year for firms of all sizes ranging from solo practitioners to global law firms. Over the years, we have determined the “secret sauce” that helps make a writer a great fit for our team and for our clients.

Why PaperStreet’s Writing Team is the Best for Legal Content
Through our years in the industry, we have developed a unique vetting process that helps us identify, hire and onboard the most qualified writing and editing team. Below is an outline of our five-step vetting process.

  1. Screening
    We screen all candidates for certain baseline credentials. These credentials generally include a law degree, law practice experience, writing degree (English, Journalism or related undergraduate degree) and 3+ years’ experience writing law firm content. Writers that do not meet these baseline qualifications are removed from consideration. Our job ads also include certain instructions that applicants must follow to apply. This helps determine if a candidate is truly interested in the job, has read the full advertisement and can follow directions.
  2. Writing Samples
    We review the writer’s portfolio or two to five writing samples. Ideally, these samples include content written for law firms or the legal industry. We know what to look for in a solid writing sample as well as red flags that indicate that the writer may not be the best fit.
  3. Writing and Editing Assessments
    We have developed proprietary writing and editing tests that help us evaluate if the writer has the required skills and understands the legal audience. These assessments help us weed out candidates whose writing samples were heavily edited by another party or employer. They also help us evaluate other skills such as speed, SEO knowledge, ability to follow instructions and ability to meet a deadline.
  4. Checklists and On-boarding
    Through PaperStreet’s experience writing 15,000+ articles, we have created a detailed on-boarding and training process. We love checklists and tools to improve efficiency. Our process allows us to easily onboard writers who are new to our team.
  5. Sample Projects
    We test new writers on small projects to get a feel for how they work with clients and our team. These projects also help us evaluate responsiveness and how well candidates follow directions, meet deadlines and communicate with clients in interviews.

We are continually recruiting top writing talent. Only the most successful writers join our team. However, our rigorous vetting process helps us keep clients happy and the writing process running smoothly. Our elite team of writers create a wide range of content from blog posts, home page content and web copy to press releases, attorney profiles and newsletter content. They work closely with clients and our design and SEO teams to create compelling content that educates, engages and converts.

Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help you produce content for your law firm or legal organization.

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