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Branding is an important part of a client’s purchasing decision.  When you create a brand, you want to tell a story about your firm and demonstrate how you are different from your competition.  Below are a few tips for branding.


  • Don’t make a product or service for everyone.
  • Tell a story to your audience. Your story should make the product/service better.
  • Every interaction is important: web site, phone, meeting, email.
  • Your story is being told, you can participate or not.  What is your story?

No Differentiation – Don’t Brand Your Company as These

  • Vague:  Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Creativity
  • Services: Easily imitated services/programs, breadth of line (“We do it all”)
  • Money: Discounts, Price, or Promotions


  1. Being 1st
  2. Attribute Ownership
  3. Leadership
  4. Heritage
  5. Market Specialty
  6. Preference
  7. How Made
  8. Latest
  9. Hotness

Tell a Story

  • Story must be True
  • Make a Promise
  • Trusted
  • First Impression
  • Sensory
  • Focused
  • Don’t Contradict
  • Align with values


  • Size, Price, Sex, Speed
  • Don’t Be Everybody
  • Be 1st…or be against the leader, don’t go head-on, focus on leader’s negatives


  • Shortcut
  • Miracle
  • Money
  • Social Success
  • Safety or Fear
  • Ego
  • Fun & Pleasure
  • Belonging
  • It’s all about our experience.

Types of People

  • Intuitive – Next best thing.
  • Thinkers  – No feelings, just logic
  • Feeler – Endorsements
  • Sensors – Facts

Trying to Brand a Commodity

  • Identify and Personify
  • Create or Reposition the Category


  1. Worldview – Share your view of the world
  2. Frame –  Aware, listen, believe
  3. Worth Noticing – Subtle, palatable, or care about
  4. Live the Story – Authentic, don’t compromise
  5. Shortcuts to tell the story
  6. Change product to make natural, easy to tell.
  7. Permission – Follow-up with clients


  • Snap judgments. Humans make decisions on almost no data.  What does your website say?
  • You need to be authentic to back up your claim.
  • People resist change once a decision has been made.

Powerful Brands

  • Don’t be generic, be different
  • Don’t dilute, contract product lines
  • Build on publicity
  • Are first and consistent
  • Own a word
  • Code word for prestige
  • Authentic, leaders and credentialed
  • Raise prices
  • Narrow until you are a category
  • Two products for two markets = two brands
  • Second brand should be distinct
  • Logos: Horizontal, Luxury = Typeface, Masc. vs. Fem. And Old vs. New

Color Theory

  • White = Purity
  • Black = Luxury
  • Blue = Leadership
  • Purple = Royalty
  • Green = Health, Nature

How to Beat Price Wars

  1. Do something special
  2. Cause Confusion
  3. Shift the Argument (Ongoing Costs, Reliability, Longevity)

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