How Do You Find Your Browser or Screen Information? 

A person holds a smartphone displaying an error message, "OOOPS! There was an error making the request. Try again," in front of a laptop. A cup, glasses, and notebook are on the table—an all-too-common scene for those who need to learn about the 3 website errors you can fix yourself.

If you are ever unsure of what browser you are using and/or the specifics at which you are viewing a webpage, the following is a great resource:

With this website, you can see:

  • The browser you are using
    • The browser version
      • Is the browser out of date? 
  • The size of the screen you are viewing 
  • If certain settings are enabled / disabled 

If you are seeing something on your website that seems “broken” or are having difficulty sending a screenshot, then the aforementioned website is also a good option to allow us to assist. 

Once we receive the information, we can get a better understanding of what you might be seeing.  

How do you send this information? 

All you need to do is:

  1. Open the link ( )
    1. This will automatically compile the information needed 
  2. Copy / paste the link or “Copy URL to clipboard” and send that back to us in an email
A screenshot instructing to copy and paste a link in an email or click a button to paste it in an email. Two options are highlighted: "" and "Click here to paste in email.

Some common issues we see:

  • Your browser is out of date and needs to be updated
  • JavaScript is turned off 

Once we have the information from the website, we can try and debug / replicate the issue. If we are still unable to solve the problem, we will further debug or come up with other solutions.

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