Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools – Now Must Link to Retrieve SEO Data in Google Analytics

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Two of the major Google applications people talk about are Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.  Due to recent updates in the Analytics Dashboard area, we are finding them to coincide more now than ever.

In the previous layout for Google Analytics the organic SEO information was scattered throughout random menu items in the dashboard area.  With the new updates, the majority of what you would like to look at in your Google Analytics is in the Acquisitions tab.

Under the Overview section of the Acquisitions tab you will see a newly designed table showing you how people are getting to your website.  The data is now separated into four categories: Direct Traffic, Social Traffic, Organic Search, and Referral Traffic.

  • Direct Traffic – people that got to your website by typing in your domain name directly
  • Social Traffic – people that got to your website by means of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Organic Search – people who got to your website by searching a keyword phrase in a search engine such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing
  • Referral Traffic – people who got to your website by clicking on a link on another website

Using Google Analytics to View Search Engine Optimization Keyword Generated Traffic

You will find all of your organic search data under Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries.  If, however, you have not linked your Webmaster Tools account to your Analytics account you will see something similar to this:

Need to connect webmaster tools and analytics

In order to get rid of this and see your organic search data in Google Analytics you need to link your Webmaster Tools account to your Analytics account.

How to Link Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics

To link your Google Webmaster Tools to your Google Analytics you first need to make sure you are signed up for both.  If you are not yet signed up for Google Webmaster Tools you can do so at google.com/webmasters/tools/.

Once inside in the top right corner you will click on the gear icon to see a dropdown, then select Google Analytics Property.

Linking Webmaster Tools to Analytics

On this page you would simply select the website to link with (must be on same Google Account) and press save.  It is that easy.  Now, when you log back into your Google Analytics account you will be able to see all the organic search data in the Acquisitions > Search Engine Optimization > Queries section of Google Analytics.

The new changes to Google Analytics look a little confusing at first, but once you have connected your Analytics to your Webmaster Tools account, you will see the Analytics Dashboard area is just more organized. If you are interested in working with PaperStreet on any projects be sure and Contact us today for a free evaluation and consultation.

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