Founder Peter Boyd Featured As a Contributor in FREQUENCY MATTERS ™: Be a Contributor, Not an Employee!


At PaperStreet, we pride ourselves on working as a team. With so much going on around the office on a daily basis, we feel it is important that everyone have a voice in the conversation. Team work is one of the most critical skills we maintain as we continue to grow, and for good reason. Our founder, Peter Boyd, is a firm believer in the central role of passionate performance in a professional setting.

Boyd, A Leader in the Industry 

In fact, he is such an advocate for creating a visionary work environment, that he has been featured in a new book, entitled, FREQUENCY MATTERS ™: Be a Contributor, Not an Employee!

Boyd is a leading contributor in the book, which highlights CEOs, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, management consultants, educators, IT professionals and HR professionals who are leaders in their field.

In the press release, Boyd is quoted as saying, “When you are interested in your work, you tend to put in more effort and care about the final outcome. When teams care and put in more effort, this usually leads to better ideas and solving problems.”

We are excited to see the great advice contained within this useful new release. And if you’re looking for an accessible and fun read on leadership, you may just want to pick up your own copy.

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