Final Design Approval – Exceptions & Variations Explained

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As a client of PaperStreet you are required to sign off on several approvals before moving your custom project to the next stage.

Both content and design will need to be formally approved via an email form in order for our developers to begin. The design approval letter serves as confirmation that you have reviewed the design in its entirety.

The information below will help you understand – in great detail – what you are approving and the exception and variations that may apply.

Let us walk you through the elements you are approving – it is important that you understand.

What We Require Approval For

  • Menu – Specifically this is the main navigation menu (and secondary navigation if there is one). The main navigation is the series of links that appear at the top of your home page (usually About Us, Practice Areas …). We are asking you to approve the number of links and the way and order they appear (color, typography, style, size).
  • Layout – Layout indicates where sections of the page are located and how they are designated from one another (shading, the use of lines or boxes). Consider these elements when approving layout: sidebar, footer, placement of the logo, hierarchy and size of elements.
  • Colors – Color approval includes approval of the colors of the text on the page, the headlines, hyperlinked text, menu color, rollover color
  • Typography – Typography is the type of fonts used and their variations like bold, italic, underlined
  • Subpages – Per you contract, PaperStreet designs a limited number of subpages. For example in the About Us section you may have the following subpages: Our History, Our Promise, Testimonials. PaperStreet will not layout all three pages. We design one subpage mock-up and the other subpages will follow that style. By initialing here you state you understand that all subpages will have the same design and layout (unless otherwise specified).
  • Photos – PaperStreet needs any applicable photos from the client in order to build the site. This includes biography pictures for all attorneys and staff as well as any personal pictures, like of your office, events or awards
  • Slides & Messaging – As part of the creative process slides may have been developed for your home page. Slides include the image used in the image area and the messaging that accompanies each slide, including the call to action button (if there is one). In order to keep your project moving forward we may continue to work on slides and messaging after your design approval. If so, we will include an exception in your formal approval email.

Exceptions & Variations

Your design approval letter may include the following clauses:

It has been explained to me—and I understand—that the font may change from browser to browser, as is custom in web design.

It has been explained to me—and I understand—that as a result of the many web browsers and resolutions, these elements may appear differently from screen to screen.

The above sentences seek to confirm your understanding of the following:

  • There are hundreds of resolutions, screen sizes and devices (mobile device, laptop, mini laptop, tablet, desktop computer) on which your website can be displayed.
  • There is no possible way to design for every screen size that exists.
  • As a result of the infinite number of resolutions and screen sizes, your website design may vary from screen to screen and user to user, as is custom in the web world.
  • In the same manner, the appearance of your site may change based on the browser that the user is using to load your site (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer …)

Some of the possible variations include following:

  • The width of the blank space to the sides of the site can appear larger or smaller depending on the device and the screen resolution
  • What is initially seen on the landing area of a new page will vary depending on the service and screen resolution (For example: On your computer, when looking at the design concepts, you see 6 inches of the home page. On a different computer with a different screen size or resolution or on a different device – cell phone, tablet – the user may see 7 inches of the home page, or 4 inches of the home page.)

To ensure that your website will look as similar as possible on as many devices and screen resolutions as possible, in all browsers, we complete the following before launching a new site:

  • Quality assurance on the following devices: iPhone, mini laptop, tablet, desktop computer
  • Quality assurance in the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Our Promise To You

In order to promote the progression of your site from phase to phase the official milestones, like design and content approval, are necessary. They allow us to move to the next stage of the process with a mutual understanding that everyone is happy with the product in its current stage.

We want you to be happy with the product at every stage.

In true PaperStreet fashion, we will make every effort to ensure your new website is exactly the way you want it to be. We ask that you review the above information, and your website mock-ups, in great detail.

Have questions? Let us know – we can fix it together.

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