Peter BoydDesign Matters: How a Beautiful Design Creates Instant Return on Investment

Design matters.  When you create a usable, beautiful and branded web presence you can increase revenue instantly.  Here is a specific case study to back that up.

Aliant Payment Systems Redesign

A design can directly lead to new clients.  With Aliant Payment Systems, we completely redesigned the website (and logo).  The site launched on February 21, 2013.

However, before we even launched the new site, the new concept alone, led to new partnership deal. During a pitch presentation, Aliant showed the design to their potential partner. That client was immediately sold.  This is a same partner who had never considered Aliant before based on the old design.

The design was the tipping point that made the partnership happen.

The prior Aliant Payment Systems site was outdated.  It was cluttered, generic, and not user friendly.  A lot was being thrown at the user.  They could not determine the unique selling proposition or even what to do on the website.

With the new site, we streamlined the core message of Aliant and presented it in a usable, functional and beautiful design.  Bottom line, the new site has already created a partnership that will lead to more sales.

Design created instant new business.  Now with the new website launched business will increase further.  Design matters.

Old Design


New Design


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