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We have recently upgraded to include her new book and e-commerce platform.

Her web site runs on WordPress, the popular blogging platform for the both the web site and blog. That is nothing new. However, it now has an integrated shopping cart!”  Bam!”  I call that convergence of killer technologies.

This is the trend we have been talking about for awhile. Your web site, your blog, your shopping cart, your newsletter, all under one roof.

Easy to update, easy to manage, cost efficient and just overall very professional. Combine that with a great user interface, quality content, a pleasing design then you have a winning formula.

Check out her life coaching site and buy her small business coaching book if you are interested in helping your small business succeed.

About Kristin Mackey
Kristin is an international speaker, writer and artist. Kristin’s extensive experience in creating and delivering workshops provides an excellent foundation for helping her clients to tap into and manifest their unique visions.

She has successfully lead seminars for groups ranging from 8 to 500 internationally, for hundreds of organizations and thousands of people, including Lockheed Martin, Prudential Financial, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Advanced Results Marketing, Children’s Trust, Management Institute at Rowan University, Underwood Memorial Hospital, TCI Bank Limited with outstanding feedback.

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