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At least once a day a client calls asking for some basic information about their site. How do I find my IP address? What is DNS? If you are a web developer and do not have these key sites bookmarked, take a look and add them to your short list. We promise they will come in handy.

DNS – Domain Name Server

  • IntoDNS – Use this site to get various DNS and mail records in one page – it’s very convenient.
  • What’s My DNS – Check the DNS of a website that is on multiple locations.
  • View DNS – This site allows you to do just about anything, including performing a reverse IP lookup and Chinese firewall test.


  • Who Is Hosting This – As the name implies, this site allows you to determine where a website is being hosted.
  • Who.Is – Search by domain name of IP address. The site will also automatically tell you your IP address when you visit the home page.

Cookies & Support

  • Go to “chrome://settings/cookies” – This link will automatically load your cookie and site data. Keep this as a bookmark and you can easily clear your cookies in Chrome.
  • Support Details – By visiting this website you can instantly see important information like your operating system, browser, IP address, browser size, color depth, and screen resolution

Email & Security

  • MX Toolbox – Think you might be blacklisted? This site can confirm if you have been blacklisted via mail.
  • Unmasked Parasites  – Use this website to check to see if a site is hacked (fingers crossed you’re in the clear).
  • Copyscape – You can use Copy Scape to check for plagiarism. Enter your text and do a premium search (it literally costs pennies).




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