7 Useful Technology Links from Start to Finish

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Hello, from your friendly PaperStreet graphic designer. I missed our team’s Monday morning share session of links last week, but today I reviewed the links and found some killer web posts.

These 7 links feature information on blogs, Photoshop layers, Ajax, iphone applications, JavaScript, and syncing files online.

Read on to find some magic that works for you.

10 Important Traits of a Great Blog Design: This post features the ten essential characteristics of a solid weblog design.

Introducing our "Design Share" series! Our new website features a vibrant banner adorned with art supplies and the text "Design Share," along with a small calendar date, “AUG 07.” Explore 7 Useful Technology Links from Start to Finish to enhance your creative journey.


How to Effectively Organize your Photoshop Layers: This post outlines how to create organized, designer and developer friendly PSD files.

Screenshot of a Photoshop workspace displaying the Layers panel, highlighting several layers such as header, logo, search, and navigation. It's like navigating "7 Useful Technology Links from Start to Finish" within your design steps.


Autosuggest: An AJAX auto-complete text field: The autosuggest class adds a pulldown menu of suggested values to a text field.

Website page labeled "BrandSpankingNew" featuring a post titled "AutoSuggest: An AJAX auto-complete text field," originally posted on August 4, 2006, and updated on February 7, 2007. Explore this feature among the "7 Useful Technology Links from Start to Finish.


BBC – Glow Javascript Library: A library that gives simplified DOM manipulation, event handling, animations, etc.

Screenshot showing code documentation for "glow.widgets.AutoSuggest" with parameters "inputElement" (a NodeList or CSS selector) and "dataSource" (an array of objects/strings, a function, or a URL)—ideal for those exploring 7 Useful Technology Links from Start to Finish.


Graph Paper Press WordPress Themes: Provides themes that can transform your blog.

A computer screen displays a web page with a video of a person performing a skateboard trick at a nighttime skatepark, surrounded by the title "7 Useful Technology Links from Start to Finish.


Dropbox: Allows you to download dropbox and sync files online and across computers.

Illustration of cloud storage transferring files to and from various devices including a smartphone, a laptop, a desktop computer, and a second laptop—demonstrating 7 useful technology links from start to finish.


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