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There are many reasons to host on our high-speed WordPress servers.  The best reason is that our servers are fast, stable, reliable and secure.

We are not just a web host, we’re your web partner.  Most hosting providers do not make plugin recommendations. They don’t help you upgrade WordPress monthly (a requirement). They charge extra for SSLs and monitoring.  They don’t have staging platforms that make edits easy.

In short, we make life easy with no headaches.  We are your single point of contact for your website. With us you get:

  1. No Headaches – We make sure you focus on practicing law, not tracking down someone to find out why your website is not working.  We help with all the hosting acronyms, DNS, SSL, FTP, SSH, HOST A, Nameservers, and more.
  2. Speed – We feel the need, the need for speed.  WordPress installs run fast on our platform powered by Google.  Our special caching technology and content delivery network speeds up file delivery.  With certain hosting companies, you can run into slow sites.  With us the sites simply load fast.
  3. Security – We keep your site safe. We limit disk write capabilities, have disallowed plugin lists, password security requirements, encrypted data, limit brute force login attempts, block spam bots, automatic updates, and have secure backups.
  4. Upgrades to WP and Plugins – You need to upgrade WordPress at least monthly and backup first.  Sometimes upgrades lead to errors that have to be resolved. We do this all for you, saving time.
  5. Staging – We are able to stage your website changes for review and then push live.  This helps testing out code before it goes live.  It saves time in development too.
  6. SSL for Free – Keeping your site secure is key to a good web presence.  Free SSL with your website launch.  No ongoing fees for any WordPress SSL.*
  7. Experience – We are more than just a web host.  We have developed over 250 true custom websites (not just using ThemeForest templates). We know how to resolve any WP code issue.
  8. Recommendations – We make good recommendations for plugin use.  Need a new tool?  We can help find a plugin to meet your needs.
  9. Monitoring – We keep the site stable. We monitor your website for downtime and error codes.  We monitor the application and front-end of the website. We have auto provisioning if our Google servers ever fail.
  10. CDN for Free – This speeds up your website. Content Delivery Network is included for Free. 
  11. Page Performance Tips – Is your site acting slow? We have tools that to help with performance.
  12. Disallowed Plugins – We have a list of disallowed plugins that can harm your website or impact speed. We make a list of best practice plugins for your website.
  13. Backups – Errors can happen. We have separate daily backup files for all clients in case of emergencies. We can restore files back many weeks in case of errors.
  14. 24/7 Support – Call us anytime.  We are available via phone, unlike hosts that only offer chat or email.
  15. Malware Cleanup for Free – If your site is ever hacked, we will clean it up for free.  Consider this a $500+ insurance policy.

*If you are upgrading your existing site to SSL there is a small fee involved to update all links, redirects, and resubmit sitemaps.

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