Quality Assurance: Catching Errors Before Launch

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PaperStreet recently updated its Quality Assurance process for our website design process. This updated process requires taking a longer in depth look at some of the common mistakes that can creep up right before a website launch.

Our goal is to catch these mistakes before clients see the official product. In the past Quality Assurance has been done by the designated department directors. Now, with one person in charge, we will be able to spend more time focused on each webpage, ultimately presenting a better product to our clients.


What We Are Looking For

Below is a condensed list of 100+ items that are checked and verify. The topics are broken down by department.



  • When viewing on a desktop, tablet and mobile device are there any glaring issues with overlapping or breaking elements?
  • Are slides rotating with proper photos and the correct messages in a timely manner in which to read everything and click any call to action?
  • Google maps link to correct locations / offices?
  • There should be no missing bio photographs



  • Check the main navigation against the approved site structure within the approved master content file (for spelling, order and wrap)
  • Formatting: Formatting on every page is proper, with no orphan text.  There should be a space
    between headlines and content.
  • Links: Text on every page is linked correctly, as noted in the master content file.
  • Check that office addresses and phone numbers are accurate and on the page.



  • Check title tags & meta descriptions
  • Make sure an actual superficial sitemap is created.
  • SEO friendly URLs – short, extension less, close to the URL, less than 74 characters.
  • Custom 404 error page with site links / site map and URL redirects to 404 page
  • Test contact form



  • Submit xml sitemap to Google Search Console; verify site; add url; fetch as Google
  • Sync Analytics & GSC
  • Check menu, footer, sidebar links


Quality Assurance will assist in meeting each departments desire to produce a quality website and deliver a product beyond the clients’ expectations.

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