Branding Basics: Points to Consider Before You Jump In

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There are basic branding principles:

  • Don’t make a product for everyone.  Define your market.
  • Tell a story to your audience. The story should make the product/service better.
  • Every interaction is important. This includes your website, daily phone calls, meetings (both internal and with clients), emails.
  • Set the stage better for your process and people. Be a good example for your team to follow.

There are also basic branding practices to avoid. In your search to find your story and the aspect of your business that makes you unique, don’t claim to be the following. Why? Because everyone has great customer service and competitive rates—what makes you different?

  • Vague
    • Quality
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Creativity
  • Services
    • Easily Imitated Services / Programs
    • Breadth of Line (we do it all)
  • Money
    • Discounts
    • Price
    • Promotions

So, now you know what the mission is and you know what you should avoid. You’re probably curious about what you should consider when branding your company. Consider the factors below and then try to define your story.

Differentiation: How is your firm different than your competitor down the street? I mean really different.

  • Being 1st
  • Attribute Ownership
  • Leadership
  • Heritage
  • Market Specialty
  • Preference
  • How Made
  • Latest
  • Hotness

Tell a Story: Be these when you tell your story.

  • True
  • Promise
  • Trusted
  • Subtle
  • First Impression
  • Sensory
  • Focused
  • Don’t Contradict
  • Align w/ values

 Positioning: Consider how the market views your firm.

  • Size
  • Price
  • Sex
  • Speed
  • Don’t be everybody
  • Be 1st…Or Be against the Leader
  • Don’t go head-on
  • Focus on leaders negatives

Your Offer: Delivering your product / service to clients.

  • Shortcut
  • Miracle
  • Money
  • Social Success
  • Safety
  • Ego
  • Fun
  • Pleasure
  • Belonging
  • Fear

The bottom line with any good marketing and branding plan is discovering your unique trait and letting the world know in a clear and creative way. Your story is being told, you can participate or not.  What is your story?

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