8 Steps to a Law Firm Web Site Redesign

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A website redesign isn’t about changing colors and picking a new font. It’s about taking the opportunity to evaluate one of your most important marketing tools — one that can be seen by anyone at the click of a link.

As such, it takes an investment of time and effort to do right. Your law firm needs to establish goals, a budget, sort out technical details, review your existing site structure and content, and analyze the performance issues with Google Analytics (Read this great article about what people are doing and looking at on your site: https://www.paperstreet.com/blog/2335 .)

Over the years, PaperStreet has developed a successful process for ensuring your next website impresses and generates new clients. It involves 8 basic steps:

  1. Creative Brief – In this survey, we learn how your business goals have changed or evolved, and how you’d like your new site to support those goals.
  2. Kick-Off Call – We discuss your Creative Brief in depth, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and talk about fun, creative aspects of the redesign.
  3. Foundation Planning – We re-evaluating the Site Structure (pages of your website) and use that as a guide for any new content generation.
  4. Creative Planning & Brainstorming – We develop a plan for new taglines, calls to actions and any other important messages that must be communicated. We also explore the taglines with conceptual image ideas on a moodboard indicating color schemes, type styles, and photos we envision using. In conjunction with the moodboard, we present a wireframe, which is essentially the “blueprints” or basic layout of your homepage, in black and white.
  5. Homepage Concept Design – Once the creative planning is approved, we take our great ideas and turn them into a unique concept. We present the homepage first, to make sure we are on target for implementing our creative planning ideas.
  6. Subpage Concept Designs – Once the homepage is approved, we move on to translating the look and style onto the interior pages. We offer suggestions for custom interior page design and educate our clients about the focus of content and how to avoid layouts that can be distracting from the goal of the page.
  7. Development – It’s time for our professionals to code and implement all our hard work thus far into a fully functioning website. You will be sent a testing link to review and make a final punch list of items to be fixed.
  8. Launch – Let’s get that great website online, write a blog post about it, as well as share it on social media!

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