2018 Law Firm Marketing Guide: New Ideas and Best Practices

The new year is here and with it, comes the opportunity for law firm marketing to change and evolve in exciting ways. In order to stay on top of the latest trends and ensure you’re putting your best marketing foot forward, we’ve compiled a list of our top new ideas and best practices for law firm marketing in 2018.Best Practices for Law Firm Marketing in 2018


Think Big When it comes to design, 2018 is the year to think big. Wide designs for desktops will promote better user engagement, while large, stunning visuals will captivate users and tell a powerful story.

Keep It Consistent Using your design as a way to connect is also huge this year, so ensure that your brand maintains a consistent design across all platforms.

Maximize the Power of Video Integrating videos into web pages will help increase conversions, especially when placed before the fold.

Prioritize Mobile It’s more common than ever for users to access the internet from mobile devices, so make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

Flaunt Your Reviews If you have positive client reviews from social media, Google, Yelp, Avvo, etc., update your website design to show them off. Don’t be shy!

Make It Personal Potential clients want to know who you are and what you offer, so include personal, unique bios that allow them to virtually connect with your attorneys. It’s all about the first impression!

Declutter Your Menu This year is all about minimalism, at least in terms of your menu. Consider a single menu button or cap your main navigation bar at 7 pages.

Let Clients Interact Interactive websites with hover states, drop down menus, unique page loads and content reveals are all the rage in 2018. Now, more than ever, your website should be an experience, not simply a destination.


Optimize for Mobile The power of the mobile interface should not be underrated this year. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile so you won’t lose potential clients who prefer to browse sites on their cell phones.

Interact With Ease The chatbot is a new technology that is making waves in internet marketing due to the way it helps increase client trust. The bot will guide the user through a conversation, answering many of the most common questions any time of the day or night.

Give a Gentle Push Push notifications are an easy way to send potential clients notifications from your site. In many cases, users will allow these notifications the first time they visit your site, which gives you a direct way to communicate with new and existing clients.

Be Compliant Ensure your site meets regulations for ADA Compliance Level 2 so it’s accessible to all users.

Get Up To Speed Nothing kills conversions like a slow-loading site. Ensure your page is ranking 90+ on page speed score so you don’t miss out on potential clients.


Go Long If you haven’t already, this is the year to prioritize long-form content. Writing 2,000-word-long articles will help your site and individual posts become favored by search engines.

Create a Law Hub Since you’re going to be writing more, you can use this content to create resource areas on your website, based on each practice area. This enhances your reputation as a thought leader and shows potential clients that you know what are talking about, and are happy to share your knowledge.

Re-Word Your Content Gems Writing unique content each week can be a challenge even for the most enthusiastic of attorneys. Instead of always starting from scratch, consider rewording old content that still has value, so you can breathe new life into your high-quality pieces.

Tell a Story That’s right, storytelling is a major focus in 2018, so get clear on what you want to say and focus your energy on successfully articulating your ideas/topics at every available opportunity.

Engage Your Audience Now is the time to make your content personal and interactive. Make use of your social channels and engage with your target audience.


Highlight Content and Links These are still the two most important factors in ranking, so make sure they are working for you and not against you.

Create a Snippet Strategy Acquiring a featured snippet will be even more challenging this year, so start strategizing your content plan now to make sure you remain at the top of search results.

Take Your Marketing Cross-Channel Relying on one channel for marketing? Not anymore. Be sure to use organic search, paid search, remarketing and social media ad campaigns for best results.

Be Mindful of Mobile Sound familiar? As we’ve already mentioned, mobile-friendly sites are a must in 2018 and should be incorporated in your law firm marketing strategies. Ensure your users’ mobile experience is top-notch, especially in terms of site speed.


Market Your Niche – Niche marketing for specific practice areas will heighten your ability to find clients who are looking for exactly the services you offer.

Localize Queries By creating localized queries based on IP, you can specifically target certain clients and, thus, increase your chances of conversion. 

Choose Facebook Targeted Advertising The targeted advertising offered through Facebook is a solid choice for reaching potential clients you may not find through other methods.

And there you have it our roundup of tips and best practices for your law firm marketing in 2018. So as you get ready to take on the new year, keep these in mind and watch your marketing take your firm to new heights.

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