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About The Firm

Founded in 1987, Hinkle Law Firm LLC has developed a regional and national presence serving a diverse client base with advice and legal counsel. We represent private and publicly held business entities, as well as individuals for whom we handle estate planning, tax issues and other legal matters. While every legal practice is bound by the same laws and precedents, the attorneys at Hinkle Law Firm pride themselves on an attitude of involvement in the concerns of our clients, and a willingness to explore every legal option to arrive at a satisfactory outcome. The firm maintains a business-based planning, transaction and litigation practice. For more information, see our practice areas or contact us. Hinkle Law Firm has over 40 attorneys and a support staff of more than 70 persons, including a number of full-time paralegals and accountants.




October 5, 2017

Practice Area(s)

Real Estate & Oil and Gas, Litigation, Tax, Estate Planning, Healthcare, Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Business, Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Rights, Crisis Management, Civil Rights Defense of Governmental Entities.

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