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About The Firm

The lawyers at Seastrom Seastrom & Tuttle have a reputation as first rate negotiators, and formidable litigators in Orange County family law matters. This reputation has been earned by developing winning legal strategies that achieve client results. Our lawyers regularly garner legal industry recognition from such names as US News & World Reports, The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Martindale Hubbell, and Super Lawyers Magazine. The only thing more important to our lawyers than results, is our clients. Our objective is always the same–obtain the best result for our client, while providing exceptional client service and professionalism, at every step. To achieve this objective, we limit the number of cases we accept at any one time, so that we may focus on quality client relationships with a select number of clients, as opposed to distant relationships with many. This allows us to provide the level of service and focus that makes our client relationships unique.



Newport Beach, California


July 31, 2023

Practice Area(s)

Family law, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Mediation, Paternity

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