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About The Firm

GLA & Company is a regional MENA-based law firm with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Kuwait, Cairo and Beirut. It provides strategic, cost-effective and forward-thinking legal representation for companies seeking to do business in the Middle East. The firm boasts a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from start-ups to global enterprises doing business in the Middle East. GLA’s practice consists of a full-service law firm that handles everything from simple advisory work to complex contentious and non-contentious matters. With extensive experience advising clients in the key Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE – as well as in Egypt and Lebanon – the firm offers unique insights for companies seeking quality legal services. Data protection and privacy, in particular, is a key focus area for the firm, considering the expansion and revamping of applicable laws and regulations across the GCC.



March 21, 2022

Practice Area(s)

Antitrust, Banking, Corporate

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