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Our firm was built on collaboration, ongoing education, and careful listening. FRB’s mission is to fill the gap where others may have missed critical nuances. Our attorneys and staff have chosen to be a part of FRB because we are a concerned, knowledgeable, and humanistic group of individuals. There is a reason we have grown so quickly from four attorneys to over 60 in just a few short years. We attract clients who are seeking a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment. Our professionals, from attorneys to staff, embody our culture of caring and collegiality. We offer a firm commitment to give our clients more, redefining client service as it should be. Our breadth of services offers a full range of legal practices. When prudent, we reach out to attorneys in related practice areas to be certain we have uncovered all of the issues that may impact each client’s matter results.




November 10, 2022

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Corporate Law Estate Planning Intellectual Property Law

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