Social Media Security – How to Stay Protected

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If you are in charge of being active on social media on behalf of your company or organization, do you ever think about the potential of a security breach? If you answered no, then you need to be aware that even on social media networks we need to worry about our accounts being compromised. Many companies have been a victim of a social media security attack and their accounts have been hacked, leading to company embarrassment and losing potential customers and business.

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind:

  • Click suspicious links with caution
    • Be skeptical of strange links in messages or emails
    • Be aware of “phishing” scams where someone spoofs a login screen of a popular company and asks you to sign in and provide your password
    • Don’t open any attachments from email accounts that you do not recognize. Malicious executable files can lead to your computer becoming infected with malware.
  • Quarterly account maintenance and removal of extra user accounts and permissions
    • Not every employee needs to be an administrator or manager of the social media account, remove any administrator accounts that aren’t necessary
    • Remove certain permissions from any user accounts that shouldn’t have full access
    • Take advantage of a system like HootSuite that integrates all of your social media accounts and prevents users from having to log in to individual social media networks
  • Protect your account with a secure password
    • Create a strong password that is at least 10 characters and includes a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters
    • Change your password frequently (every 30 – 90 days)
    • Don’t store passwords on shared computers or in your web browser because if your computer is stolen or compromised the stored passwords can potentially be located
    • Invest in a password manager, Dashlane has been receiving some fantastic reviews

Social media networks will only become more popular in the future for establishing your brand and keeping your customers informed about your latest updates and products. If you follow these simple tips you can rest easier at night knowing your social media accounts are safe and sound.

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