Types of People & Brands: How They Apply to Your Marketing Plan

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Last week PaperStreet shared some points that we consider when we begin a new branding project, including positioning, differentiating, and your offer to the market.

Continuing that conversation, below you will find some information that is helpful to review when thinking of your marketing plan in the “big picture.”

Types of People: They see and interpret your message … and hopefully act on it

  • Intuitive – People looking for the next, best thing.
  • Thinkers – No feelings, just logic.
  • Feeler – Appeal to endorsements and emotion.
  • Sensors – People all about the facts and how they apply to their situation.

Trying to Brand a Commodity: Consider the following ideas / concepts

  • Identify – How do people already identify with it?
  • Personify – Does it resonate? What emotions are associated with your service?
  • Change the Name – Redefine the normal.

 Helpful Tips / Facts:

  • Humans make decisions on almost no data.  What does your website say about you?
  • Because we make snap judgments your “big picture” needs to be defined. What is your website about?
  • You need to be authentic to back up your claim. Provide the data so the sensors and thinkers of the world can make their decision.
  • We make split second decisions and resist change, once a decision has been made. When a visitor chooses you they won’t recoil unless you give them a reason too.
  • Honest communication can come from the blog.
  • The color of your website says something:
    • White = Purity
    • Black = Luxury
    • Blue = Leadership
    • Purple = Royalty
    • Green = Health, Nature

Powerful Brands: Powerful brands exhibit the same qualities

  • Don’t Dilute
  • Are Focused
  • Contract Product Line
  • Are Consistent
  • Be Authentic
  • Become Credentialed
  • Be a Leader
  • Be Different
  • Brands are Borderless
  • Be Consistent

Additional Branding Resources

PaperStreet has been developing powerful brands for more than a decade. Read more about our branding practices and contact PaperStreet to learn about our logo, design and Internet marketing services.



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