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Law Firm SEO. Exclusive.  Ethical. Results.

Exclusive SEO. Many search engine optimization providers work not only for you but your competitors. Sounds like a conflict of interest. We offer exclusive agreements, so we work for only one firm for each particular practice area and region.

Ethical Long-term SEO. We believe in a long-term strategy. Sure, there are questionable shortcuts and tricks you can attempt with SEO, but they can lead to penalties and outright bans. Our goal is to get your website to the top while also complying with search engine guidelines.

SEO Results. We can help you dominate your market by targeting keyword phrases. Our clients rank in the top results; many bring in several new inquiries each day and millions of dollars in revenue. We are rated one of the Best SEO company's for lawyers.

Best Practices for Attorney SEO

Search engine optimization is the science of making your web pages relevant to keyword phrases that a prospective client may use to search for and find your firm. We start by defining what keyword phrases we should target, then obtain top rankings for each of those keyword phrases through our proven methods. Below are the details of the work we do in the first month, the second month and the remaining months for the duration of your campaign.

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PaperStreet Web Design
5 stars - "Unmatched SEO." PaperStreet has handled our work for several years. Their expertise with search engine optimization is unmatched in my view. If you are looking for a company to optimize and market your website, I highly recommend PaperStreet!
February 1, 2018

The SEO Problem for Lawyers

Getting ranked high in search is challenging. You are probably reading this copy because you are either:

  • Ranking Low – You search results show on page two or below.
  • Not Ranking – You’ve been promised top rankings but those results have not materialized.
  • New to the Game – You’re just learning about best practices.
  • Penalized - You had great results, but suddenly fell out of favor with Google.
  • Going Broke – You are wasting money monthly on a team and want to know how you can improve.
  • Too Busy - The good news is we can help.  We have worked with hundreds of firms in our 15 years to successfully and ethically promote their firm. 

Why is Lawyer SEO Hard: Supply vs. Demand Problem.

SEO is competitive. In any market there are at least 10 firms that would love to be on page one of search for your practice area.  Sometimes there are hundreds of firms vying for the coveted first page in your area. 

Second, each year Google is making it more difficult by promoting paid listings and directories to fill out all the first page slots.  In fact, on most searches there are between three and five slots available for any area.  So you are limited to being THE best resource for your practice area (or at least in the top three).

Third, you end up with confusing advice from a variety of vendors.   Tactics may be on the cutting-edge, but could get you banned eventually.  Some tactics and advice is simply outdated. 

SEO Results. Your Team Should be Doing Five Things

Your Law Firm SEO Expert should help with the following areas:

  • Knowledge and Advice – Your team should be on top of regular algorithm changes and be providing monthly advice.
  • Time – You need a team to dedicate time to your account.  Most accounts require at least an hour a week of dedicated work.  Some require an hour of work per day to maintain rankings. 
  • Exclusivity – They should only work with your firm, not your competitor in the same city (or yikes . . . in the same building).
  • Budget – Your team should advise of an appropriate budget.  We have multiple plans at PaperStreet, but only recommend one plan for each client.  Each client is unique in their content, on-page, promotion, and authority needs.
  • Results – Bottom line your team should provide results.
  • Internet MarketingFinally, your SEO team should be part of an overall Law Firm Internet Marketing team. Don't just do SEO. Also promote your site with best practices for social, PPC, design, content, and development.

Features of our Law Firm Search Engine Optimization Plans

  • Research & Strategy - We will determine which keyword phrases will be more effective by looking at past searches. We will help your company choose the right keyword phrases to use.
  • Site Architecture - We will organize your website to be search friendly. We will also avoid tactics that will hurt your rankings and create friendly URLs, tags, and code.
  • Authority - In our plan, we will assist you in obtaining links, thus ensuring that you are well positioned to rank high. We will request links from other sites and typically, in turn, they will want to be linked from your site.
  • Content Consultation - Search engines award points to websites that offer relevant information. We will work with you so that your company has appropriate content. Our writing and editing services are also available.
  • Analysis of Campaign - Search rankings change constantly. Each month we will send you a detailed report on your rankings.

The PaperStreet SEO System: Month 1

Research & Strategy

We start your campaign by identifying the keyword phrases that attract the most relevant traffic within your targeted geographic area. The initial steps for this stage are:

  • Website Audit & Evaluation: Based on your current site, we evaluate the user interface and calls to actions, as well as perform an online report to determine the health of the website.    
    • User Interface
    • Calls to Action
    • An online evaluation report to find out the health of the website
  • Kick-Off Meeting & Education: Learn about the standards of a campaign, meet the team, learn about our process, discuss suggestions and recommendations and address questions.       
    • SEO Kick-Off Meeting & Education
  • Keyword Research: Based on the above conversations, our team brainstorms, researches and recommends effective keyword phrases.
    • Brainstorm, Research, and Select Effective Keyword Phrases
    • Select Appropriate Keyword Phrases
  • Keyword Finalization: Finalize keyword phrases, which create the foundation for your campaign and advise on domain names and redirects.
  • Install Google Analytics: We install Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to monitor traffic and identify potential errors that could occur on your website.
    • Advise on Domains, Emails and Redirects
    • Install Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
    • Bounce Rate Check and Analytics Check

Website Architecture & On-Page SEO

On-page optimization is the editing and amplification of keywords within your content. It establishes the relevancy of your website for the keywords you are targeting, as each page is assigned a keyword. We will organize your website’s architecture to be search friendly. On-page optimization includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Content Check: A check of your existing content to ensure your website is compliant with the latest search engine standards upheld by the various search engines.
  • Tags: The creation of unique title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Sitemap Submission: We submit sitemaps (both technically and superficially) so all the pages of your website are indexed properly by the search engines.
  • Technical Compliance: Ensuring the technical aspects are compliant with usability (site architecture), including a spam check, domain redirections, technical and site build modification and content.
    • Unique Title Tags & Unique Meta Description Tags
    • Analytics, Webmaster Tools, XML sitemaps
    • Site Architecture: Footer links, Internal Categories, Alt Tags, and Remove any Splash Pages.
    • Spam Check: No hidden text, stuffing, redirects, doorway pages, too many links, and duplicate content.
    • Domain Redirections: 301’s, Canonical domain forwarding, www vs. non-www.
    • Technical Modifications: SEO Friendly URLs, .htaccess file, 404 errors page, robots.txt, and sitemap.xml.
    • Site Build Modification: JavaScript & CSS minify, sitemap, and Google Analytics.
    • Content Guidelines: Content strategy, structure, avoid stuffing, contact Info, bios, RSS, and blog posts.
    • Creation & Integration of Social Media

Content Planning, Editing & Writing

To rank high in the search engines, you need the proper content to support your campaign. Our team of attorney-writers craft content that is web-friendly, properly optimized and customized to your practice goals. We make sure your pages are written to attract traffic to your site while promoting your brand and delivering your message.

  • Structure pages for the web & content plan for ongoing publishing
  • Content Edited for SEO (limitations apply, varies by level)
  • Interview firm members to learn content goals (up to 1 hour total interview time)
  • Content written to support SEO campaign (limitations apply, varies by level)
  • Research and write pages (limitations apply, varies by level)
  • Edit and proof pages to incorporate client feedback (one edit included)

The PaperStreet SEO System: Month 2 and Beyond

Google determines search rankings largely on the relevancy of your content and authority of your back links. There are also many other additional ranking signals to determine these rankings such as social, engagement, domain, and page-level metrics. Overall, our monthly goal is to make your site rank high through quality, in-depth content and to build your authority through quality backlinks (and sometimes usability).

In order to stay competitive, we must engage in building a better web presence for your firm. Our Internet marketing plans are also about forming a partnership to grow your business. By following our guidelines and investing in new content, links and upgrades, you will succeed long-term.

BUILDING RELEVANCY - Content Planning, Editing and Writing (Content Marketing)

Relevancy is all about your content. In search marketing, you need the proper website content to support your campaign, rank high and drive business. Unique, valuable information and educational content drives traffic because people want to read it, respond to it, and share it: content marketing.

Our team of SEO writers craft content that is web-friendly, properly optimized and customized to meet your goals. Limitations apply and vary by level, but at every level we ensure your pages are written to attract traffic to your site while promoting your brand and delivering your message. The process includes:

  • Structuring pages for the web and establishing an ongoing content plan.
  • Researching and writing pages to support your SEO campaign.
  • Editing and proofing pages to incorporate client feedback (one edit included).

Adding content on a regular basis is also important. Companies that blog attract 75 percent more traffic to their websites. Most of our SEO plans include turnkey monthly blogging services from topic conception through writing and posting. Our blog posts are uniquely optimized and customized to your practice area and geographic market.

Monthly Articles or Blog Posts
Companies that blog attract 55% more user traffic. All of our SEO plans include monthly blogging services. Our blog posts are uniquely optimized and customized to your practice area and geographic market. Best of all, they are turnkey, from topic conception through writing and posting, meaning you don’t have to think about it.

  • Research and topic development
  • Writing and editing of monthly posts
  • On-page optimization of each post
  • Posting to your site upon client approval


Simply put: we no longer build links, we build an overall authority. In the past, getting simple and direct links was all it took to lead authority to your website. Those days are gone - building a proper backlink profile is now multi-faceted and more intensive than simple link building and requires more research, legwork, time to complete, and time to mature. While we produce fewer links per month, your links will be of a much higher quality.

Authority is based on the quality of backlinks to your site. Even though direct linking remains part of the equation, these links no longer hold the exclusive power.  Developing a backlink profile in 2016 and beyond means whatever leads back to your website must be of substance and of quality; and not just a simple link. It is not about quantity, it’s about quality. A quality backlink requires that it is natural (not forced) and makes sense to your practice or industry. Also, a diverse backlink profile is more valued than not: a multitude of backlinks from separate sources or domains is more valued than a multitude from the same location.

Building Authority through Links
Your authority is truly based on links to your site. We assist in obtaining quality links and citations.

  • Link Partner Research, Analysis & Building (varies by level)
  •, Directories, PR, Articles, Blogs, Events, Social Media, Press Releases & Article Submissions

Based on your SEO level and your involvement, backlink profiles may include (but are absolutely not limited to):

  • Local Listings (local business directories – great for map rankings)
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Guest Articles and Blogging Opportunities
  • Real World Opportunities (sponsoring events, seminars, scholarships, vendor partnerships)
  • Backlink Analysis (bad/toxic backlink removal)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Direct Quality Link Building (including some paid directories)

Analysis and Reporting
Each month we will send you a detailed report on your rankings and consult with you on best practices.

  • Monthly Reports of Rankings & Traffic
  • Re-Optimization, as needed
  • Monthly Consultation & SEO Web Site Audit


Internet marketing is a partnership. Clients who regularly meet with us and act on our ideas rank higher. While we will handle 80 percent of the work, we will need your input on content and in obtaining some link building. We will also look to you for feedback, assistance and budget. We will need to regularly meet with you and pitch ideas. Each month we will send you a detailed report on your current rankings and traffic. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us to review best practices.

What Is Involved in Maintaining an Attorney SEO Campaign?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is marketing. Internet marketing. Just like most marketing efforts, it involves work, education, and communication. And, like most things in life, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Upon starting a campaign, we will alleviate most of that work from your plate. However, the key word in the previous sentence is most of the work...

SEO is a symbiotic relationship in every sense. We want your campaign to be as successful as you want it to be. If it is not, we fail and potentially face losing you as a client. Obviously, this would not be good for either party. We truly have just as much a vested interest in the success of your SEO campaign as you do.

When we take on a campaign, we are essentially acting as your (internet) marketing directors. We need to continually stay up-to-date on the latest changes and advancements in search marketing. These changes and advancements typically culminate in recommendations and guides that we must comply with in order to be successful.

While we are happy to offer suggestions and work with you, the ultimate decisions for these updates, recommendations, and suggestions for a campaign need to come from you, the client. You (and the firm) will always know better from an inherent business value.

Why Is This Important?

SEO is both the art and science of making your web pages relevant to keyword phrases that a prospective client would type into search engines to find your firm. Our goal is to define what keyword phrases we should target, then obtain top rankings for each of those phrases. Keep reading to get a picture of exactly what we are going to do.

Your Responsibilities

If you want a successful campaign, we need you to do the following things. No exceptions. You need to have a vested interest in your campaign. These are things that need to come from you, the client:

  • Maintain an active blog with optimized content
  • Your Keywords
    • Examine your keyword phrases on a quarterly basis and ask yourself the following questions: Is this all still relevant to my firm? Is something not working? Do we need a change? Are your keywords casting too wide of a net and not as honed in as they can be?
  • Your Content
    • Do you have valuable content embedded into the pages of your website that are specifically for your targeted keywords? Are these pages core content pages (part of the main architecture of the website?
    • Does each page have 500 words or more, including landing pages and blog posts, and are they incorporating your targeted keyword phrases several times throughout?
  • Blogging
    • Blogging is extremely important and develops relevancy to your website. Do you blog? Do you know what to blog about? When was the list time you posted new content to your website? When blogging, there are a few things that can be done though to make them stronger:
      • Word count: Google wants to see at least 500 words on any page of content. This is includes blogs too.
      • Relevancy: Keeping word count in mind, the more you write the more opportunity you have to weave in the keywords of your campaign into your content. The more you do that, the more relevant your posts and website becomes.
      • Frequency: Ideally, we tell clients they should be blogging daily or weekly or, at the very least, monthly. We realize that might not be possible but the point is to post as much as you can.
  • Social Media
    • Are you active on your social media accounts? Do you reply and respond to comments? Are you engaged and networking within these accounts? Being active on Social Media is the "lite" version of blogging. It is literally networking with your audience and being active on there can really help establish a brand. It also really helps Search Engines connect relevant content leading to your website. Posting on Social Media is not enough though; networking and searching within the social networks to find users can drive business.
  • Google Authorship
    • Do you mind literally being the face of your website? Meaning, would you mind if your image was to come up in Google searches? Google Authorship is a “must have” feature to have on your website. Google Authorship is when your Google+ profile image shows up next to relevant posts that you rank highly for. This is contingent, however, on your Author Rank; the popularity of your Profile; and blogging though within the website.
  • Videos/YouTube Channel
    • We highly recommend doing videos and setting up a channel for the firm. Videos, particularly YouTube channels, are really valued at this point. They carry a lot of relevancy and authority. Google (who bought YouTube) wants to see video submissions and your relevancy within your submissions.
  • Link Directories, Press Release and Article Submissions
    • On May 22nd 2013, Google rolled out its next generation of the Penguin algorithm update affecting its searches. Directories are now occupying most of the top slots of any given phrase. We have always recognized the power of these listings, however, they have been given even more importance after the update. Having said that, another great way to gaining even more authority is to join these website directories.
  • Relevant Domain Names
    • Domains are so cheap at this point, it is worth picking up domain name that bring relevancy to your site and comply with your keyword phrases. We can then point these domain names directly to a corresponding section of your website.

Need help maintaining your blog? We can do that. Need help managing your social media accounts? We have a person for that. Need advice about how to implement good blogging and social media practices? Let us help you. All you have to do is ask.

The Outcome

With you, the client, actively participating in your SEO campaign (this means willing and able to provide all of the things above), you will gain authority and relevancy on the web. PaperStreet is your publishing and promotion team. We are the curators and champions of your content and your internet marketing efforts. Your return on investment will be positive, as long as you maintain the active role we have described.

We look forward to seeing you at the top of Google’s search results.

Why Law Firm SEO Works

"Let me Google it." In the age of digital media, these four words have become synonymous with settling debates, answering tough questions and, most importantly, getting clients. Client's often search for lawyers using a variety of queries:

  • Are some stop signs optional? Let me Google it.
  • Am I at fault for a side impact collision? Google it.
  • Looking for the top car accident lawyer in Florida? Well.. you get the point.

Is SEO Needed? Perhaps...

When we meet with new clients, we’re often met with the same question: Is SEO really necessary? The answer is perhaps. Search engine optimization is competitive. Attorneys are increasing their spending on online marketing, and those who don’t follow suit often suffer in the rankings. That’s why it’s so important to choose a SEO company that knows how to produce real, long-term results.

However, SEO is NOT for all law firms. Some firms do SEO naturally. They have great content, so they have relevancy on their core keyword phrases. Some clients have great media/press/social, so they have natural authority due to being mentioned online. Some clients have awesome websites that keep people on the site a long time and answer users questions. For those firms, they actually don't need SEO. They are already doing the fundamentals.

Of course, there are a lot of firms who don't have content, links, or have a poor website experience. For those firms, they need help and we call what we do SEO. But really, what we are doing is building a better web presence. One that has content that answers your clients questions. We build high quality citations from legal directories and the best publications online. We build a better website that converts users into clients. That is what SEO should be doing.

Get Results, Not Excuses

Unfortunately, we know that there are more than a few SEO companies out there that don’t follow what we consider to be best practices. You might have encountered them before, and it probably left a bad taste in your mouth when you think about internet marketing. They might have given you inaccurate or misguided information, or maybe they promised you results and didn’t deliver. Maybe they took over your campaign without listening to your input, or simply didn’t devote enough time to you.

Mistakes like these can cost your firm money. If clients aren’t finding your website, you’re not cases, and not getting cases means you’re losing money. The people that could truly benefit from your help aren’t being connected with your practice, and you’re left in the dark, wondering where you (or, rather, your SEO "specialists") went wrong.

At PaperStreet, we hope to change all that. We hope you can use these resources -- from our videos to our personally written blog posts -- to educate yourself on the basics of SEO, so that you can make informed decisions when it comes to your firm, and when choosing the best company for the job.

Who and How to Choose?

So how do you, as a partner at a law firm, make sure your practice is the number one result when a potential client consults their search engine of choice? The answer is search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Most people know SEO as the combination of content, keywords and links that can boost a website’s search engine rankings, but it’s actually much more complex than that. Everyone wants their practice to show up on the front page of Google, but many don’t know how. That’s where we come in.

As a team, we’ve been helping over 100 clients with SEO for more than 15 years and have maintained a 90 percent retention rate. Our company was founded by a lawyer, for lawyers, so we understand your needs in ways that most of our competitors can’t. Our team has several former and current attorneys on retainer, along with friendly, capable and qualified internet marketing experts that are ready and willing to help you on your road to SEO success.

Don’t just take our word for it. With PaperStreet clients dominating the SERPs for more than 500 keywords or winning awards for their stunning websites, our proof is in our results.

Best SEO Practices for Law Firms
Questions and Answers About our SEO Service

Here are a few questions to ask with searching for a marketing company:

  • Exclusivity: Will they work for your competitors?.
    Many SEO providers work for firms in the same building as you! Sounds like a conflict of interest to us. We offer exclusive agreements, working for only one firm for each particular practice area and city.
  • Proven Results. Can they prove ROI?
    We publish our results online so you can verify. Here are a just few of our case studies. Once you sign up, we provide monthly reports so you can track your progress.  You will know everything we know about your campaign.
  • Process: What is their Process?
    Our detailed checklist includes hundreds of steps. All of our websites include basic optimization at no extra charge and we also offer special packages for hard-to-obtain keyword phrases. We have never resorted to unscrupulous tactics that have recently caught up with some companies, getting them blacklisted by Google. We value our reputation - and yours.
  • Contract: What is the Contract Length?.
    Ours has no strings. If a company makes it hard for you to terminate their services, what does that say? We would like a six-month commitment from them firm, as our plans are about long-term results. However, we have worked with clients on 90-day and 30-day contracts too.  The longer we are working with your firm, the better the results. 
  • All-Inclusive: What is Included?
    Our packages include on-page optimization, content writing, and authority building. We also include a local map in Google and an entire, social media setup, reporting and monthly consulting.
  • Writing: Is writing included? Who writes?
    We write anywhere from several posts per month to over 20 for our clients. Moreover, our content team is all attorneys. You do not have to write anything.

Key Benefits of our SEO Plans
SEO Services for Lawyers

Exclusivity. We Won't Work for Your Competition

Many providers say they work for you, but they also work for your competitors. Sounds like a conflict of interest. We offer exclusive agreements, so we work for only one firm for each particular practice area/region for our advanced packages.

Ethical Tactics Only, No Penalties

We believe in a long-term strategy. Sure, there are questionable shortcuts and tricks you can attempt with, but they can lead to penalties and outright bans. Our goal is to get your website to the top while also complying with search engine guidelines.

Top Rankings Mean More Clients

The legal market is the most competitive market online. However, it can also be very lucrative if you rank on the first page of search and at the top of results. You need to work with one of the best law firm SEO companies.

Agency & Individual Google Certifications

All-Inclusive: What is Included?

SEO Overview

Search engine optimization is the science of making your webpages rank for lucrative keyword phrases that a potential client may use to search for and find your firm. We can work with you to help you decide which keyword phrases we should target. Then, we start to work our magic to obtain top rankings for each of those keyword phrases. Check out our SEO FAQ to see just what strategies we use to make your site stand out.

Overview of PaperStreet’s SEO Best Practices

Custom Content

From on-page content and photography, to professional videos and newsletters, the content team at PaperStreet does it all. Comprised of attorneys and experts in law, the members of our content team have first-hand experience in the legal market and stay up-to-date on the latest web-writing and SEO practices. We write, edit and produce web-friendly legal website content and marketing materials, blog posts, practice area content, attorney biographies, press releases, legal articles, social media copy and more. If you need something written, just ask! We are more than willing to work with you.

Authority & Link-Building

In the world of SEO, authority is everything. Without high-quality citations and links, your website will not be able to outperform your competitors. Despite popular belief, it’s not about quantity when it comes to link-building. While we might produce fewer links than other companies that may offer to charge less for their services, you can be sure that your links will be of higher quality and therefore, higher authority.

We want your backlink profile to be as substantial and natural as possible so that it will withstand the test of time -- not just make a quick jump in rankings until your site is penalized for spammy backlinks. Our link-building team focuses on local listings, testimonials and reviews, video marketing, social media, blogging opportunities, events, seminars and more!

Social Media

Social media is everywhere! If you’re not utilizing your Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts, you’re missing out on an easy way to increase brand awareness and interact with potential clients. At PaperStreet, we will help you set up and manage these accounts, and we make sure to integrate them with your website. We offer training on social media etiquette and tools like HootSuite, and we can help you troubleshoot when things go wrong. We also provide advice on social media strategy and are more than happy to provide social media content writing and editing services!

Reporting & Analytics

Stay in the loop! When you sign up with us, we’ll provide you with a monthly report detailing all of the hard work we’ve done on your website. Each month you will receive information on your current rankings and traffic, and pitch you fresh, exciting new ideas to help you meet your goals.


At PaperStreet, we consider ourselves experts in what we do, but we value our clients’ input. We meet with all of our SEO clients for at least one hour every month to discuss best practices, our goals and how to achieve them. We want you to know how and why we do what we do. Your firm’s internet marketing shouldn’t be a mystery to you, and we pride ourselves on educating all of our clients.

No Strings Attached

In the world of digital marketing, it takes time to produce the best results. However, we know that a long-term contract isn’t for everyone. We’d love to see you stick around and stay with PaperStreet forever, but if for any reason you decide that our services are no longer needed, we make it easy for you to cut ties and bid us farewell. (We would miss you, though.)

Cost & Plan Levels That Work For You

At PaperStreet, we know that there is no “one size fits all” solution for every law firm. We offer a variety of plan levels, starting from just $500 per month and go to over several thousand dollars a month.  We have a wide array of services to suit your firm’s individual needs.  Most of the time we consult with the client to set a custom plan based on their content needs, geographic area, practice areas, and competitiveness of the keyword phrases they are targeting.

What Makes PaperStreet Different: Exclusive, Ethical, Results


At PaperStreet, we work for you. We can guarantee that we will never accept a competing law firm as a client in your region or practice area. While other marketing companies have no qualms about working for competitors in the same region, or even the same building, it’s a practice that we don’t believe in. In addition to hindering results, it is also a conflict of interest. Our services are exclusive, and our goal is to help you succeed. We want to see you dominate in your market!

What Steps are Involved in a SEO Campaign?

Ethical Tactics Only

With the competition heating up, some SEO companies will resort to cheap or unethical tactics to improve their clients’ rankings, also known as “blackhat” SEO tactics. This includes:

  • Link Schemes and Directories. Building high-quality backlinks to your site is great. However, there are many companies that rely on link schemes and paid directories to generate juice for your firm. From forum comments that link back to your website to sketchy directory and bookmark sites, these strategies just don’t work. We don’t pay for links, and we make sure all of our backlinks are organic and trustworthy.
  • Keyword Stuffing. Long, long ago when SEO first hit the internet marketing scene, one of the most common beliefs was that keyword density was the key to getting the best rankings. This led to something that we call keyword stuffing. You might have seen it, or maybe you were advised to employ this outdated tactic on your own website. Keywords, keywords everywhere -- in your page titles, in your footer, cramped into your site’s code and stuffed into your on-page copy. It might have worked back then, but now Google has caught on and issues serious penalties for cheap tactics like this. More importantly, clients have caught on. People are getting more keen on how the internet works, and they can clearly see when a site is untrustworthy.
  • Bad Content. Can you imagine visiting a competitor’s website and seeing the very same content that is being used on yours? Sadly, this happens all the time. It isn’t uncommon for cheap SEO companies to reuse pre-written content for all of their clients, with no regard for what makes you and your firm special. Duplicate content looks bad, to clients and to Google.
  • Outsourcing. It’s true that one team can only do so much, and sometimes outside help has to be brought in to complete your work and occasionally, meet your budget. This usually includes interns, freelancers, or partner companies. However, in some cases, you might be paying for your so-called SEO experts to send their dirty work to other countries, like India, Pakistan or Russia. Needless to say, the results aren’t usually good.

These outdated strategies can result in temporary advantages in Google’s search results. But more importantly, they can lead to bans and penalties for your website. At PaperStreet, we don’t believe in shortcuts. We play by the books, and we put the work in up front to ensure your long-term success.

We pride ourselves on our organic, natural SEO. Gone are the days of writing for Google’s algorithms and slaving over keyword percentages. From our title tags to our on-page copy, our custom content is eye-catching, compelling and effective. We make it easy for your clients to get the information they need in a way that is interesting and easy for them to read.


We’re confident in our team, but we’ll never promise you the moon. Any SEO company that guarantees results should be treated with extreme caution. In addition to being against Google’s guidelines, this is simply not realistic in the ever-changing climate of the internet. We can guarantee that we’ll do everything we can to improve your website and web presence. At PaperStreet, we’re passionate about SEO, and our results speak for themselves.

Many of our clients boast first-page rankings and bring in several new inquiries each day, along with millions of dollars in revenue. Once you sign up, we provide monthly reports that will allow you to easily keep a finger on the pulse of how your website is performing. We do our best to be transparent and honest about every step of the SEO process, and we want to help educate you on how and why we make the decisions we do. We encourage open communication, and we’ll never make any changes to your website without your approval.

Good things come to those who wait, and SEO is no different. There are a number of factors that can play into just how long it will take for your rankings to improve, including but not limited to:

  • How competitive your market is
  • How long your website has been online
  • The amount and quality of content on your website
  • The size of your geographically targeted area
  • The overall design and usability of your website
  • The structure (or site architecture) of your site
  • Whether you previously engaged in “black-hat” SEO techniques

We typically see our best results in six months for an average client. Organic SEO takes time, patience, and dedication, and that is something we can promise you.


Guaranteed Results?  No, But Here is Why.

We do not guarantee results because it is against Google’s guidelines. Moreover, it is a promise that cannot be met. 

Firms cannot guarantee results and meet their obligations 100 percent of the time.  Do they guarantee the results in all locations?  All devices?  All search engines?  All variations of keyword phrases?  What if the algorithm changes?  In short, you cannot consistently deliver a #1 result all the time for all locations. 

Instead, we guarantee that we will give you real advice on what will improve your website and overall web presence.  We will give you advice on how to become a dominant source online.  

Is SEO Snake Oil?

No, so long as it is done right.  We have been helping clients with search engine optimization for 15 years now.  We have a 90 percent retention rate during that time.  Clients who stick with our team have long-term results. 

However, if you are not building authority through citations, links and promoting your content, you will fail.  If you are not trying to write informative content that educates, you will fail.  If you do not have a strong website presence that converts, you will fail.  If you do not monitor social media and protect your brand, you will fail. 

In all those cases, if you fail, you will view SEO as snake oil.  But if you succeed, you can see the benefit of gaining traffic from Google and becoming a leading authority expert in the field.

How Long Will this Take?

Our usual commitment from a firm is six-months.  We sometimes want a year in national, competitive campaigns. The first month is on-page, site architecture and planning.  The second through sixth months is content and link building.  Firms that view this as a 30-day, 60-day or quick fix, are not our ideal clients. In fact, we regularly pass on those projects as expectations will never be met.

What are the Costs?

We can meet almost any reasonable budget.  We have legacy plans for small campaigns that start around $500 per month.  We have campaigns that go to over $5,000 per month.  Most of our campaigns are in the $1,000 to $3,000 level for content writing, site architecture / on-page updates, and authority building through links.

Do I need an SEO company?

In short, yes. While we can provide resources to help you understand the “basics,” SEO is far from simple. The guidelines and standards for what works and what doesn’t are constantly changing and evolving. We view them like a puzzle or a code that we need to crack, and it can sometimes be challenging. It takes expert knowledge and experience to get the results you need, and more than anything, it takes time. As a lawyer, we know you’re busy handling cases and clients. They need your utmost attention. Leave the technical stuff to us.

What are meta descriptions and title tags, and do I need them?

Title tags and meta descriptions are the on-page elements that appear on search engines. This typically includes a short title that links to your page and a brief description as to what potential clients will find. Writing good title tags and meta descriptions is one of the easiest ways to give your on-page SEO a little boost. While it obviously doesn’t guarantee a #1 ranking, having properly optimized meta tags will ensure that Google knows what terms or keyword phrases you’re trying to rank for. Organic titles and thorough, attention-grabbing descriptions will also lead to more clicks from readers, and more traffic is always a good thing.

How do I recover bad rankings?

It’s okay, we won’t judge you. If you’ve engaged in unethical SEO practices in the past, it might take some time for your site to recover from penalties from search engines. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do that can help repair your relationship with Google. This includes:

  • Cleaning up your backlinks. Remove and disavow those spammy, paid directories and replace them with high-quality links.
  • Writing better content. Google favors original content (which you can find more information on below), so start writing and revising. Clean up your spammy copy and create information that people will want and like to read.
  • Checking out algorithm changes. I know, I know, we’ve said it a lot, but Google’s guidelines for good SEO are always changing, and you need to stay up-to-date on the latest policies to ensure the most success for your website.

What is good content?  

There are many questions that we ask ourselves when we’re writing and reviewing content:

  • Is it easy to read?
  • Is it written for your audience?
  • Does it naturally include our keywords?
  • Is it linkable to other pages on our site?
  • Does it drive readers to take action?
  • Is it better than our competitors?

In general, we recommend that all optimized content be at least 500 words.  We actually recommend it to be above 2,000 words (just like this page).  It should all be original and feature information that is of value to your readers. This includes general legal website content and marketing materials, blog posts, attorney biographies, legal articles and more! Beware of duplicate content or (even worse) template content, as these will hurt your rankings.

How much content should I produce?

This answer is highly dependant on your market and your competitors. Our new recommendation is over 2,000 word pages.  Yes, that is a lot of content, but those tend to rank high (just like this page).  We want you to be the expert in your area of law, so we obviously want you to have the most complete and valuable resources. Essentially, anything your competitors do, you can do better. For every two pages that they have, you should have two. This doesn’t mean cranking out low-quality content just to be the best. This means creating content hubs and building out your practice areas so that you are the go-to source for potential clients.

What are some top SEO violations, according to Google?

  • Keyword stuffing. Including your keywords is important in any SEO strategy. However, including them too many times can result in a penalty for keyword stuffing. If your key phrases are appearing in every header and every other sentence, you should prepare yourself to see a serious drop in rankings.
  • Hidden text. To avoid keyword stuffing, some black hat SEO companies will hide their keywords. Whether they are sneaked in your website’s HTML code or hiding in plain site by matching the text color to the page background, hidden text violates Google’s guidelines and should be avoided.
  • Paid links. It might be tempting to resort to paying for links when building a backlink profile for your website. It’s easy, right? Just pay a fee to have your practice added to a variety of online directories. Wrong. Spend the time building organic links, or you’re going to be penalized.
  • Cloaking. When a site is modified to display different content based on who (or what) is viewing it, this is known as cloaking. The version of your site that an average, day-to-day user sees is the same one that should be shown to search engine bots. Anything else is considered a serious SEO violation.
  • Doorway pages. Doorway pages are created to increase the chances of a website appearing multiple times in Google’s search results. These spammy pages redirect users to an internal page without them knowing.

What is a conversion?

Every web page is created with a goal in mind. One goal achieved = one conversion. Clothing retailers want you to purchase their products. News websites want you to subscribe to their publications. For law firms like yours, the goal of your website is to get potential clients to contact you for a consultation. From eye-popping images to attention-grabbing headlines, there are many strategies we use to make sure our lawyers convert.

Does page speed matter?

You bet! We’ve all been through the struggle of waiting for a slow website to load. Studies have shown that more than one third of internet browsers will abandon a site that takes just three seconds or more to load. Even a one second delay in page response can lead to a 7% drop in conversions! And that means you’re losing clients. Not only is a slow website annoying, but it can also affect how Google views your website. Google has stated in the past that site speed and page speed are used by its algorithm to rank pages.

If you’re struggling with the load time of your website, there are a few things we typically look for. Are your plugins bogging you down? How about your code? Are your graphics taking too long to load? You can find more information on how to speed things up here.

Do blogs still matter?

Yes, they do. Companies that blog on a regular basis are shown to attract 75% more traffic to their websites! Google loves seeing fresh, valuable, well-optimized content being added to your site, and what better way to do this than with a blog? In addition to boosting your rankings, these informational posts also help establish your law firm’s credibility, authority and online usability. Potential clients will spend more time on your site, which increases the chance of them contacting you about your services. It’s a win-win situation!

What is a slug and does it matter?

A slug is the part of your website’s URL that explains what each page is about. For example:

The slug for our Internet Marketing page is, simply, internet-marketing. This clearly communicates to users and search engines alike what the focus of the page should be. The best slugs are short and to-the-point, and they should closely match the keyword phrase you are targeting for that page.

What directories should I have my law firm listed?

Only high quality directories matter.  Please DON’T sign up for 1,000+ link buys.  You will actually kill your rankings and require more work for a massive disavow file.  You can check out our detailed article about this topic here.  Link building is an important part of dominating Google rankings. If you are new to link building, the list below will be helpful as you begin your journey to the number one spot in the rankings. At a minimum, we recommend a profile for each of these local directories, legal directories and social media sites. However, we always recommend to make sure each site is relevant to your business.

Should I disavow bad links?

Yes, but only as a last resort. Disavowing bad links is a great way to clean up your act when it comes to low-quality links. But sometimes a website, like one of those spammy directories mentioned above, might ask for you to pay them to remove a link. This isn’t necessary. Disavowing a link sends a clear message to Google that you no longer associate with the website in question and don’t want it to count toward your ranking. However, they will want to see that you made an effort to have the link removed the old-fashioned way.

What is duplicate content?

Duplicate content is just what its name suggests -- content that is found in more than one place online. We see this most often with SEO companies who reuse content for various clients, or -- even worse -- plagiarize content from other websites. Duplicate content isn’t always intentionally malicious though! It’s important to check your site for unintentional violations that could occur from fault URL variations and code.

What is the difference between paid and organic results?

The difference between paid and organic results is easy to understand! Paid or inorganic results are simply search results that advertisers have paid for. They typically appear at the top or the side of the page, above the organic listings. Organic listings are free, and their ranking and position depends completely on Google’s algorithms.

How do you decide which keywords to use?

At PaperStreet, we rely on in-depth keyword research to determine which keywords will be the most relevant, most competitive and most lucrative for your law firm. Some of our steps for this process include:

  • Establish your geographical area. Determining the region you want to focus on -- whether it’s a specific city, county or sometimes even nationwide -- is the first step to creating an effective list of keywords.
  • Identify keywords based on content. Content based around keyword phrases is viewed as more relevant by search engines and will help improve your rankings.
  • Add keyword suffix terms. Don’t just focus on one term! In the legal industry, there are so many options available to you. Use the terms “lawyer,” “lawyers,” “attorney,” “attorneys,” “law firm,” and “law firms” for the best results.
  • Use suggestion tools. Tools like Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner and other sites like Ubersuggest are a great resource for generating ideas you might have missed.Adwords’ Keyword Planner and other sites like Ubersuggest are a great resource for generating ideas you might have missed.

How many times should I use a keyword on a page?

Unfortunately there’s no magic formula for how many times a keyword should be included in your copy. At PaperStreet, we don’t believe in complying to strict keyword density percentages. Keyword stuffing can lead to big penalties from Google, and it’s jarring for readers, which could turn them off from your website completely. We like our copy to be organic and readable, and we rely on natural opportunities for our keywords that will only enhance our content.

Does my domain name matter?

When it comes to achieving high search engine ranking, your domain name does matter. However, you should avoid keyword stuffing, just as you would with your content, and opt for a professional, memorable, keyword rich domain instead. PaperStreet can provide detailed hints and tips on how to choose a great domain name for your law firm.

How does social media impact my SEO?

Just because your practice’s Facebook page has thousands of likes doesn’t mean you’ll skyrocket to the front page of Google. However, social media marketing campaigns, like Facebook or Instagram ads, are a great compliment to a solid SEO campaign and can lead to increased traffic and even conversions for your website. More visitors, more backlinks and more engagement means higher rankings, and that’s exactly what we want to see.

Social media also allows you to build up a loyal community, which allows potential clients to see that you must be trustworthy and good at what you do if all of these people like you -- literally!

What are “White Hat” and “Black Hat” SEO?

White Hat versus Black Hat is essentially the SEO world’s version of good versus evil. Black Hat SEO strategies rely on unethical tactics like keyword stuffing and paid links to manipulate their search engine rankings, fast. Their techniques violate Google’s guidelines and can result in your website being penalized or even banned.

At PaperStreet, we rely on White Hat SEO. While it might take more time and effort, these techniques can and will achieve long-term success. We focus on high-quality backlinks; original, reader-friendly content; heavily-researched keywords and more to ensure results for our clients.

Are internal links good for SEO?

Yes. Internal links, or interlinking, allows Google to establish a hierarchy of pages for your website. This leads to a better experience for users, and it also allows search engines to access all pages of your website when scanning for content. It doesn’t matter how great your copy is, or how well it’s optimized. If your pages can’t be reached, they essentially don’t exist to Google, and they can’t help your rankings.

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SEO Case Studies

When it comes to SEO and Internet marketing campaigns, it's all about results

  • How high are you ranked for important search engine keywords?
  • How many inquiries are you receiving from the web?
  • How many of those turn into actual clients, and what sort of revenue are they generating?
  • PaperStreet has obtained No. 1 rankings for the majority of its clients, top ten rankings for virtually all of them, and has generated millions of dollars in web-based revenue for solo attorneys, medium-sized law firms and large firms alike. Some of our clients rely almost entirely on their website for new business.

Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley PA

PI Firm Dominates 500+ Keywords


Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley PA, a premier Florida personal injury firm that wanted to rank high for a variety of practice areas in the HIGHLY competitive Florida market. Find out how we succeeded for many years.


The firm receives multiple inquiries per day, thanks to a broad-based ranking for over 500 keyword phrases. The firm ranks high in Florida and their specific cities for a variety of practice areas and services.

Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP

First Page of Google in New York for Personal Injury


Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP, a New York personal injury firm, wanted to rank for highly competitive phrases in the extremely competitive New York market. Other marketing teams were not able to accomplish this goal for the firm.


Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP, now ranks in the coveted top map pack as well as topping organic rankings for multiple phrases like New York City injury lawyer, New York City personal injury lawyer, New York car accident law firm, and many more.

Thorn Tax Law

Top Search Results in Competitive Tax Field


Thorn Law Group is a Washington DC Law firm that focuses on the many facets of tax law.


Thorn Law Group continually holds top rankings, both on Map Packs and organically, for phrases like Washington DC Tax Lawyer, Washington DC Business Tax Lawyer, Washington DC International Tax Attorney, and others.

Levine Law

Mile High Ranking in Denver


Levine Law came to PaperStreet for a brand new website. The firm also brought the challenge to PaperStreet to achieve top rankings in Denver, Colorado in the area of personal injury law.


PaperStreet welcomed the challenge and succeeded. Levine Law ranks in the top three for more than 10+ different keyword phrases in Denver, dominating the local market.

Gunter Law Firm

Award Winning Site and SEO Results for Employment Law


The Gunter Firm wanted to rank highly in a localized market for employment law.


The Gunter Firm occupies top rankings for phrases like Fort Myers Employment Lawyer both in Local Maps as well as at the top of organic listings.

Bohrer & Lukeman

Flying Sky High in Search


The Law Offices of Bohrer & Lukeman practice in the niche, yet competitive, market place of aviation personal injury.

Result: ranks nationally for multiple phrases like flight injury, flight attorney, aircraft accidents attorney, and flight accident attorney.

Donald C. Barrett, PA

No. 1 SEO Rankings for Solo Attorney


Donald C. Barrett, PA, a criminal law solo attorney in the Florida Keys, wanted to rank highly for criminal law, despite his small firm size.


Donald C. Barrett, PA, ranks #1 for Florida Keys Criminal Law, Key West Criminal Law, Key Largo Criminal Law, and other phrases.

Clark Skatoff, PA

Million-Dollar Revenue SEO Campaign


Clark Skatoff, PA, a Florida probate firm


The firm averages two to four inquiries per day and five to 10 new clients per month and generates over a million dollars a year in revenue from their website and SEO campaign.

Bloom Legal

Solo Attorney, Multiple Daily Inquiries from SEO


Bloom Legal, a personal injury and criminal law firm in New Orleans, sought high rankings in the PI and criminal defense areas


The firm receives about one to three inquiries a day.

Law Offices of Adrian Philip Thomas

Big Results for Small Firm with SEO


Law Offices of Adrian Philip Thomas,


The firm ranks #1 for terms such as Florida probate lawyer/attorney and averages multiple inquiries per day.

The Law Firm of J.W. Stafford

Huge Gains For Employment Lawyer in Competitive Area


The Law Firm of J.W. Stafford, Baltimore Employment Law Firm, wanted to increase keyword rankings, traffic and conversions in a new geographic market.


Over the last few months we have achieved great improvement in all of the most important areas of a marketing campaign. Within our 10 KPI keywords, 7 are ranked in the top 3 of the search results. This was an accumulation of increasing 88 ranking spots. There has also been a 54% increase in traffic and 128% increase in conversions in comparison to the previous time period.

Features of our Law Firm
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Research & Strategy

We will research which keyword phrases will be most effective by evaluating past searches. We will help your company choose the right keyword phrases to target in your campaign.

Site Architecture

We will organize your site to be search friendly. We will also avoid tactics that will damage your site's rankings and create SEO-friendly URLs, tags, and code.


In our SEO for lawyers plan, we will assist you in obtaining links, thus ensuring that you are highly ranked. We will request links from other sites and, in turn, they typically want to be linked from your site.

Content Consultation

Search engines award points to websites that offer relevant, quality information. We will work with you to ensure that your site features appropriate content. We also offer SEO writing and editing services.

Campaign Analysis

Search rankings change constantly. Each month we will send you a detailed report on your rankings.

Website Audit & Evaluation

Based on your current site, we evaluate the user interface and calls to actions, as well as perform an online report to determine the health of the website.


Learn about the standards of an SEO campaign, meet the team, learn about our process, discuss suggestions and recommendations and address questions.

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