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About our Expert, Exclusive SEO Services for Law Firms

We assist attorneys and lawyers with their SEO campaigns and content marketing campaigns.

The good news: Search engine optimization can bring in several new inquiries a day and millions of dollars a year in revenue, by getting your law firm ranked high for search engine keyword phrases. All you need to do is rank high, but how?

The bad news: Virtually every web company now claims to specialize in SEO. So, how do you decide who the expert is? Here are a few questions to start with:

  • Exclusivity: Ask if they will work for your competitors. Many SEO providers do. Sounds like a conflict of interest to us. We offer exclusive agreements, working for only one firm for each particular practice area per region for our most advanced packages.
  • Ask about results. Here are a just few of our  case studies. Once you sign up, we provide monthly reports so you can track your progress.  You will know everything we know about your campaign.
  • Process: Ask about their processOur detailed SEO checklist includes hundreds of steps. All of our websites include basic optimization at no extra charge and we also offer special packages for hard-to-obtain keyword phrases. We have never resorted to unscrupulous SEO tactics that have recently caught up with some companies, getting them blacklisted by Google. We value our reputation - and yours.
  • ContracT: Ask about their contract. Ours has no strings. If a company makes it hard for you to terminate their services, what does that say? We would like a six-month commitment from them firm, as our plans are about long-term results. However, we have worked with clients on 90-day and 30-day contracts too.  The longer we are working with your firm, the better the results. 
  • All-Inclusive: Ask about what they include. Our packages include on-page optimization, content and authority building.  We also include a local map in Google and an entire social media package, which includes setting up accounts for the four major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.
  • Results: One more question … How did you find out about the provider? The majority of PaperStreet clients find us because of our prominence in search engine results – further proof that we know what we’re doing! 
  • Local Search: Need help with just local search results? Check out our dedicated page on local search.

Happy Clients. Positive Results.

PaperStreet Web Design
5 stars - "Unmatched SEO." PaperStreet has handled our work for several years. Their expertise with search engine optimization is unmatched in my view. If you are looking for a company to optimize and market your website, I highly recommend PaperStreet!
April 22, 2016

Key Benefits of our Law Firm SEO Plans

  1. Top Rankings Mean More Clients

    The legal market is the most competitive market online. However, it can also be very lucrative if you rank on the first page of search and at the top of results.

  2. Exclusivity. We Won't Work for Your Competition

    Many providers say they work for you, but they also work for your competitors. Sounds like a conflict of interest. We offer exclusive agreements, so we work for only one firm for each particular practice area/region for our advanced packages.

  3. Ethical Tactics Only, No Penalties

    We believe in a long-term strategy. Sure, there are questionable shortcuts and tricks you can attempt with, but they can lead to penalties and outright bans. Our goal is to get your website to the top while also complying with search engine guidelines.

Clients Love Us


"We are getting 3 to 6 new web inquiries per day and are signing up about one new client per day. We have to turn away business because we are so busy. Rankings look pretty good in Google. Good enough so that when the Nancy Grace show on CNN was looking for a Florida commentator on the Anna Nicole Smith case, they Googled Florida probate lawyer and found me. I have been on air the last several nights. It never would have happened without your help."

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Exclusive.  Ethical.  Long-Term Results.

Many SEO providers say they work for you, but they also work for your competitors. Sounds like a conflict of interest. We offer exclusive agreements, so we work for only one firm for each particular practice area/region for our advanced packages.

We believe in a long-term strategy. Sure, there are questionable shortcuts and tricks you can attempt with SEO, but they can lead to penalties and outright bans. Our goal is to get your website to the top while also complying with search engine guidelines.

We can help you dominate your market by targeting keyword phrases. Our clients rank in the top results; many bring in several new inquiries each day and millions of dollars in revenue.

The Attorney SEO Problem

Getting ranked high in search is challenging. You are probably reading this copy because you are either:

Why is Lawyer SEO Hard: Supply vs. Demand Problem.

SEO is hard. In any market there are at least 10 firms that would love to be on page one of search for your practice area.  Sometimes there are hundreds of firms vying for the coveted first page in your area. 

Second, each year Google is making it more difficult by promoting paid listings and directories to fill out all the first page slots.  In fact, on most searches there are between three and five slots available for any area.  So you are limited to being THE best resource for your practice area (or at least in the top three).

Third, you end up with confusing advice from a variety of vendors.   Tactics may be on the cutting-edge, but could get you banned eventually.  Some tactics and advice is simply outdated. 

SEO Results. Your Team Should be Doing Five Things

Your team should help with the following areas:

SEO Best Practices for Law Firms

Search engine optimization is the science of making your webpages relevant to keyword phrases that a prospective client may use to search for and find your firm. We start by defining what keyword phrases we should target, then obtain top rankings for each of those keyword phrases through our proven methods. Below are the details of the work we do in the first month, the second month and the remaining months for the duration of your campaign.

The PaperStreet System: Month 1

Research & Strategy

We start your campaign by identifying the keyword phrases that attract the most relevant traffic within your targeted geographic area. The initial steps for this stage are:

Website Architecture & On-Page SEO

On-page optimization is the editing and amplification of keywords within your content. It establishes the relevancy of your website for the keywords you are targeting, as each page is assigned a keyword. We will organize your website’s architecture to be search friendly. On-page optimization includes, but is not limited to, the following:

The PaperStreet System: Month 2 and Beyond

Google determines search rankings largely on the relevancy of your content and authority of your back links. There are also many other additional ranking signals to determine these rankings such as social, engagement, domain, and page-level metrics. Overall, our monthly goal is to make your site rank high through quality, in-depth content and to build your authority through quality backlinks (and sometimes usability).

In order to stay competitive, we must engage in building a better web presence for your firm. Our Internet marketing plans are also about forming a partnership to grow your business. By following our guidelines and investing in new content, links and upgrades, you will succeed long-term.

BUILDING RELEVANCY - Content Planning, Editing and Writing (Content Marketing)

Relevancy is all about your content. In search marketing, you need the proper website content to support your campaign, rank high and drive business. Unique, valuable information and educational content drives traffic because people want to read it, respond to it, and share it: content marketing.

Our team of SEO writers craft content that is web-friendly, properly optimized and customized to meet your goals. Limitations apply and vary by level, but at every level we ensure your pages are written to attract traffic to your site while promoting your brand and delivering your message. The process includes:

Adding content on a regular basis is also important. Companies that blog attract 75 percent more traffic to their websites. Most of our SEO plans include turnkey monthly blogging services from topic conception through writing and posting. Our blog posts are uniquely optimized and customized to your practice area and geographic market.


Simply put: we no longer build links, we build an overall authority. In the past, getting simple and direct links was all it took to lead authority to your website. Those days are gone - building a proper backlink profile is now multi-faceted and more intensive than simple link building and requires more research, legwork, time to complete, and time to mature. While we produce fewer links per month, your links will be of a much higher quality.

Authority is based on the quality of backlinks to your site. Even though direct linking remains part of the equation, these links no longer hold the exclusive power.  Developing a backlink profile in 2016 and beyond means whatever leads back to your website must be of substance and of quality; and not just a simple link. It is not about quantity, it’s about quality. A quality backlink requires that it is natural (not forced) and makes sense to your practice or industry. Also, a diverse backlink profile is more valued than not: a multitude of backlinks from separate sources or domains is more valued than a multitude from the same location.

Based on your SEO level and your involvement, backlink profiles may include (but are absolutely not limited to):


Internet marketing is a partnership. Clients who regularly meet with us and act on our ideas rank higher. While we will handle 80 percent of the work, we will need your input on content and in obtaining some link building. We will also look to you for feedback, assistance and budget. We will need to regularly meet with you and pitch ideas. Each month we will send you a detailed report on your current rankings and traffic. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us to review best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

Guaranteed Results?  No, But Here is Why.

We do not guarantee results because it is against Google’s guidelines. Moreover, it is a promise that cannot be met. 

Firms cannot guarantee results and meet their obligations 100 percent of the time.  Do they guarantee the results in all locations?  All devices?  All search engines?  All variations of keyword phrases?  What if the algorithm changes?  In short, you cannot consistently deliver a #1 result all the time for all locations. 

Instead, we guarantee that we will give you real advice on what will improve your website and overall web presence.  We will give you advice on how to become a dominant source online.  

Is SEO Snake Oil?

No, so long as it is done right.  We have been helping clients with SEO for 15 years now.  We have a 90 percent retention rate during that time.  Clients who stick with our team have long-term results. 

However, if you are not building authority through citations, links and promoting your content, you will fail.  If you are not trying to write informative content that educates, you will fail.  If you do not have a strong website presence that converts, you will fail.  If you do not monitor social media and protect your brand, you will fail. 

In all those cases, if you fail, you will view SEO as snake oil.  But if you succeed, you can see the benefit of gaining traffic from Google and becoming a leading authority expert in the field.

How Long Will this Take?

Our usual commitment from a firm is six-months.  We sometimes want a year in national, competitive campaigns. The first month is on-page, site architecture and planning.  The second through sixth months is content and link building.  Firms that view this as a 30-day, 60-day or quick fix, are not our ideal clients. In fact, we regularly pass on those projects as expectations will never be met.

What are the Costs?

We can meet almost any reasonable budget.  We have legacy plans for small campaigns that start around $500 per month.  We have campaigns that go to over $5,000 per month.  Most of our campaigns are in the $1,000 to $3,000 level for content writing, site architecture / on-page updates, and authority building through links.


SEO Case Studies

PI Firm Dominates 500+ Keywords

Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley PA, Florida personal injury firm

Firm: Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley PA, Florida personal injury firm, was looking to increase conversions in various markets.

Result: Since 2009, we have gone through two website revisions and handled our SEO the whole time. In 6 years, we have increased traffic by 20 times! This leads to multiple inquiries per day on a variety of practice areas.

First Page of Google in New York for Personal Injury

Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP

Firm: Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP, a New York personal injury law firm, wanted to rank for highly competitive phrases in a very competitive market.

Result: Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP now ranks in the coveted top map pack as well as topping organic rankings in New York and New York City.

Top Search Results in Competitive Tax Field

Thorn Tax Law

Firm: Thorn Law Group is a Washington DC Law firm practicing in the many facets of tax law.

Result: Thorn Law Group is a Washington DC Law firm practicing in the many facets of tax law.

Ranking Mile High in Denver

Firm: Levine Law came to PaperStreet for a brand new website. He also brought the challenge to PaperStreet to get his website ranked in Denver, Colorado for the area of personal injury.

Result: PaperStreet welcomed the challenge and succeeded. Levine Law ranks in the top three spots for more than 10+ different keyword phrases in Denver. He is dominating the local market.

Award Winning Site AND Results for Employment Law

Gunter Law Firm

Firm: Gunter Firm, who has an award-winning website designed by PaperStreet, wanted to rank highly in a localized market for employment law terms.

Result: Gunter Firm occupies top rankings for phrases like “Fort Myers employment lawyer” both in local maps as well as at the top of organic listings.

Flying Sky High in Search

Flight Injury

Firm: The Law Offices of Bohrer & Lukeman are in the niche, yet competitive, marketplace of personal injury obtained within aviation.

Result: The website ranks nationally for multiple phrases like “flight injury”, “flight attorney”, “aircraft accidents attorney”, “flight accident attorney”; etc.

No. 1 Rankings for Solo Attorney

Donald C. Barrett, PA, a Criminal Law solo-attorney firm in the Florida Keys.

Firm: Donald C. Barrett, PA, a criminal law solo attorney firm in the Florida Keys, wanted to rank highly for criminal law, despite the small size of the firm.

Result: Donald C. Barrett, PA, ranks #1 for “Florida Keys Criminal Law”, “Key West Criminal Law”, “Key Largo Criminal Law”, etc.

Million-Dollar Revenue Campaign

Clark Skatoff, PA, a Florida probate firm

Firm: Clark Skatoff, PA, a Florida probate firm, wanted to increase inquires for their probate law practice.

Result: The firm averages two to four inquiries per day and five to 10 new clients per month and generates over a million dollars a year in revenue from their website and campaign.

Solo Attorney, Multiple Daily Inquiries

Bloom Legal, a solo attorney personal injury and criminal law firm in New Orleans

Firm: Bloom Legal, a solo attorney personal injury and criminal law firm in New Orleans needed to increase website conversions.

Result: The firm receives about 1 to 3 inquiries a day.

Big Results for Small Firm

Law Offices of Adrian Philip Thomas,

Firm: Law Offices of Adrian Philip Thomas, a Florida probate law firm, wanted to increase conversions and generate more leads.

Result: The firm ranks #1 for terms such as “Florida Probate lawyer” and averages multiple inquiries per day.

PaperStreet's SEO Client List

The following link leads out to a full list of our active clients that are all currently ranked in the top 10 of their respective phrases. Check out our full client list.

SEO ROI Calculator

Use our calculator to estimate the return on investment (ROI) on our services.

SEO Expert and Consulting

We also offer our seo expert consulting through Upwork and You can get a discount on a website SEO audit on and hire us for SEO consulting work on UpWork

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Features of our Law Firm Search Engine Optimization Plans

  • Research & Strategy

    We will determine which keyword phrases will be more effective by looking at past searches. We will help your company choose the right keyword phrases to use.

  • Site Architecture

    We will organize your website to be search friendly. We will also avoid tactics that will hurt your rankings and create friendly URLs, tags, and code.

  • Authority

    In our plan, we will assist you in obtaining links, thus ensuring that you are well positioned to rank high. We will request links from other sites and typically, in turn, they will want to be linked from your site.

  • Content Consultation

    Search engines award points to websites that offer relevant information. We will work with you so that your company has appropriate content. Our writing and editing services are also available.

  • Analysis of Campaign

    Search rankings change constantly. Each month we will send you a detailed report on your rankings.


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