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PaperStreet’s SEO for Attorneys: Our Results Speak for Themselves

What Does It Mean to Have the Best SEO Campaign?

When examining what makes the best SEO practices for lawyers, you have to think about SEO goals. What do you want to achieve with your law firm SEO campaign? You may know already, but if not, we’ll tell you to focus on:

  • Ranking highly on Google for the keywords that matter most
  • Achieving brand awareness by having meaningful and relatable content
  • Turning site visitors into clients with engaging content that has a low bounce rate
  • Earning clicks, phone calls, downloads, etc.
  • Gaining social media followers
  • Having a website that stands out from your competitors

At PaperStreet, we know that there is more than one measure of success when examining the performance of your website. We want you to see improvements in all aspects of your SEO campaign, and we work hard to hit all of the important site factors.

Good things come to those who wait, and SEO for attorneys is no different. There are a number of factors that can play into just how long it will take for your rankings to improve, including but not limited to:

  • How competitive your market is
  • How long your website has been online
  • The amount and quality of content on your website
  • The size of your geographically targeted area
  • The overall design and usability of your website
  • The structure (or site architecture) of your site
  • Whether you previously engaged in “black-hat” SEO techniques

We typically see our best results in six months for the average law firm, though rankings can improve days after some changes are made. Organic SEO takes time, patience, and dedication, and that is something we can promise you. Don’t listen to a firm that tells you otherwise. At PaperStreet, our SEO for attorneys strives for lasting success and our clients enjoy those rewards.

Top Rankings for Many Clients (Updated 10/14/19)

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What We Do for Your Site

PaperStreet’s team is comprised of technology experts and attorneys in order to make sure your law firm’s website achieve its maximum potential. Our winning formula for SEO results included the following:

Strategy & Onboarding

Strategy and Onboarding

  • Kickoff call with client to discuss campaign goals and deliverables
  • Research effective keyword phrases
  • Client approval on finalized Keyword phrases

Website & Rankings Review

Website & Rankings Review

  • Check Mobile-friendly version of the website exists
  • Check homepage for mobile SEO issues
  • Make sure Google Analytics is set up and on every page
  • Make sure Google Search Console (GSC) is set up
  • Submit XML sitemap to Google GSC
  • Fetch as Google and submit all linked pages to the index
  • Check for any messages or notifications from Google (manual actions or security issues)
  • Set geographic target area within GSC appropriately
  • Merge/sync Google Analytics and GSC
  • Make sure schema markup (Local Business) has been applied to the NAP information
  • Add Knowledge Graph schema markup
  • Setup monthly ranking report in keyword tracking software
  • Create link building plan for ongoing campaign

Content Analysis & Optimization

Content Analysis & Optimization

  • Outline and finalize site architecture and keywords
  • Content audit on the website based on selected keywords.
  • Apply on page optimization
  • Recommendation of long form content
  • Check for In-depth “About Us” page including a mission statement, company directory and other signs of legitimate business
  • Check for Robust Contact and/or Customer Service Information
  • Fetch as Google and submit all linked pages to the index
  • Check there are Authoritative outbound links included in content
  • Check internal linking has been included within content
  • Check Main content (purpose of page) is not below the fold

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

  • Exclude traffic from us & firm IP address in Analytics
  • Apply custom channel grouping (Level 3 & 4 only)
  • Google Analytics: Exclude all hits from known bots/spiders
  • Check Navigation and page copy is visible/functions without JS
  • Check Error pages return error status codes
  • All URLs work with HTTP or HTTPS, but not both
  • Google Analytics Contact Form Goal Setup
  • Google Analytics/Tag Manager Phone Number Click Goal
  • Google Analytics is capturing internal search (if applicable)
  • Run Xenu report and check that all links are functioning
  • Google Analytics - Add domain to referral exclusion list
  • Google Analytics - Add segment to filter out referral spam
  • Apply update to capture Google Translate usage data
  • Run Screaming Frog report
  • Check for redirect chains using Screaming Frog
  • Check for duplicate titles and metas using Screaming Frog
  • Check for canonical errors using Screaming Frog
  • Make sure all relevant images have optimized alt tags applied
  • No “splash” entry pages/doorway pages
  • Internal technical duplicate content check
  • Duplicate content is not returned by other websites
  • Check for multiple URLS parameters with same content
  • Hidden text does not exist
  • Keyword stuffing does not exist
  • iFrames, flash or JS links are not being used on the website
  • Confirm no more than 300 links per page exist
  • Confirm no more than 25 footer links
  • Address clearly listed on each page in header or footer
  • Copyright and Blog date stamps are applied
  • Use rel=”canonical” for duplicate pages or check that it should be “noindex; nofollow”
  • 301 redirects for alternative domain names and old pages
  • WWW used only (and the non-www redirects)
  • SEO friendly URLs - short, extension less, close to the URL, less than 74 characters
  • htaccess file is established (if on Apache server)
  • Check/setup browser caching for .htaccess
  • Custom 404 error page exists
  • Broken URLs redirects to 404 page
  • Robots.txt file configured and XML sitemaps are listed
  • Make sure an extensive sitemap page is created
  • Generate a Sitebeam report
  • Site Speed has been checked
  • Safe Browsing Site Status Check
  • In addition to part one, once the site launches, there are still additional tasks to do offsite. You need to begin link building, social media setup, content writing, and ongoing consulting & analysis.

Content Writing and Marketing (Initial and Ongoing)

Content Writing and Marketing (Initial and Ongoing)

  • Initial content writing for the project.
  • Creation of blog post to enhance your website’s performance
  • Evolve your core content to prevent a high bounce and increase engagement
  • Competitive analysis to ensure you have the pages you need to stand out among your competitors site
  • Infographics (for a fee) to help make key pages stand out
  • Script editing for video production
  • Review of content you produce to ensure it matches SEO and marketing guidelines
  • Content refreshes whenever certain pages lose their ranking placement
  • Creation of geographic landing pages to help you gain a presence in your desired locations

Link Building

Link Building

  • Initial Backlink Analysis
  • For all new website launches, run a ranking update the same day as launch of website
  • Create a Baseline Ranking Report
  • Check for Broken & Lost Links
  • Check if business has enough Google reviews to set up review snippet for SERP
  • Periodically review if business is accumulating online reviews and provide best practices guideline
  • Collect Photos from Client for Local Listings
  • Set up listings and assist with backlinks specific to client’s industry/area
  • Review and correct Local Listings
  • Initial Competitor analysis
  • Submit General Links
  • Recommend Paid Listings
  • Assist with Article Submissions (varies per level/client)
  • Assist with Local Community/Sponsorships opportunities as needed
  • Assist with Social Recommendations on Networking/Engagement/Bolstering presence
  • Provide recommendations on scholarship opportunities
  • Consult and assist with Small Business PR (Brand Mentions/HARO/Pitches)

Analysis and Consulting

Analysis and Consulting

  • SEO Content Manager Starts Blogging
  • Quarterly check on campaign keywords
  • Quarterly check on bad backlink profile and disavow if needed
  • Quarterly check on mobile speed of website
  • Quarterly check on Online Business Reviews and Ratings if needed

Social Media

Social Media

  • Claim Google My Business Page local listing
  • Confirm Google Maps is listed on contact/city pages
  • Inquire about text messaging for Google Listing if desired
  • Set up and/or review Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and HootSuite
  • Set Up YouTube channel (if videos exist) and verify
  • Video Optimization: Description and Titles, Tagging, Thumbnail Selection, Playlist Creation, Transcriptions, Adding video to relevant website pages and/or gallery
  • Check Social media pages include imagery/branding
  • Check all social media icons are present on website (if active)
  • Send client their social media logins & strategies
  • Open Graph meta data has been added

Website Redesigns and Transfers Checklist

Website Redesigns and Transfers Checklist

When you are redesigning or migrating a website, we have a long 100+ step checklist to review. Some key features are:

  • Find All Content – Create reports to showcase ALL content on your current site to map old to new pages.
  • Benchmark Analytics – Keep the same analytics and benchmark analytics to determine traffic spikes and drops.
  • Update Internal Links – You must update links internally, if any have changed.
  • Check Duplicates and Canonicalization – Check out any canonicals or duplicate content on the website.
  • Resolve Duplicates – Check out domains, subdomains, HTTP vs. HTTPs, individual pages, etc.
  • Identify Removed Pages – Make sure any removed pages were done so on purpose.
  • 404 Error Pages & Sitemaps – Create custom 404 error pages. Create a new sitemap and upload to Google.
  • Redirects – Create 301 redirects as needed for all marketing materials, print materials and broken links.

Typical Results for a Law Firm SEO Campaign

Not all clients have the same results. But almost always, we can improve the key metric that the client and our team have agreed upon. Those key metrics can be:

Calls / Contact Forms

Total Conversions: Calls & Contact Forms

Downloads / Signups

Tracking: Downloads & Signups

Traffic / Impressions

Analytics: Traffic & Impressions

Ranking Higher

Search Rankings: Ranking Higher

Improved Time on Site or Decrease Bounce Rate

Usability: Improved Time or Decreased Bounce Rate

We will define the key metrics for each client and track them aggressively.