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How PaperStreet is Different from Martindale


If you are on this page, you have probably come across many different website design companies on the Internet all promising that they will create a great looking website that achieves your business goals. We understand that you have a lot of web design and Internet marketing companies to choose from and are probably asking yourself, “What makes PaperStreet different from the competition?”

We Understand Attorneys and Law Firms

Our founder and president is a lawyer, our content director is an attorney and our writers are experienced lawyers. We get law firms and we understand the nuances of law practice. Whether you are a large law firm, a solo practitioner or a boutique, we know what works for attorneys. Our company has helped over 2,000 law firm clients in countries around the globe and in nearly every state in the U.S. When lawyers and law firms are searching for an alternative to Martindale or other web design companies, they quickly discover that PaperStreet understands their needs.

We Know That Our Clients Are Our Most Important Asset

When you hire a large company like Martindale with an extensive network of websites, you may feel like one of many. When you work with PaperStreet, you will be treated as an individual and your project will always be given the time and attention it deserves. We are a small and talented group of professionals who are dedicated to providing our clients with first-rate service at every stage of their project. Whether you are working with our designers, content writers or development team, you can trust that we will take the time to get to know you, your business and your online marketing goals and develop solutions tailored to your unique objectives.

We Are Responsive to Our Clients’ Needs

At PaperStreet we appreciate that partners, shareholders and attorneys lead very busy lives. We anticipate and understand your needs and will work with your schedule. Additionally, should you need website support or have an important question, you can trust that we will provide same day (if not same hour) service.

We Do Not Push Clients into Long-Term Commitments

At PaperStreet, we do not believe in pushing our clients into lengthy contracts. We quote our packages on a flat rate basis, with different tiers for different website design. Unlike other companies, our clients own their website from day one. This means that should you decide to leave us, you will take your website and your rights to design and content with you.

Exclusivity for Marketing

For website marketing, we work with only one client per practice area and geographic location. Why? It’s simple: we do not work with your competitors. At Martindale, they typically work with multiple firms in the area, even in the same building. They may simultaneously work with you and your competitor and we’re not sure how that’s ethical or helping your bottom line.

Lower Second Year Costs with A La Carte Pricing

For a standard contract, we will typically have lower second year and beyond costs. Why? We charge a one-time fee for the design and development of the website. Once that is done, we simply charge a reasonable fee for hosting, maintenance and support of the website. We do not have long-term commitments to directories, marketing or content, unless your firm actually needs those services. We help find a plan that works for you. Most firms only need basic support that can be around $1,000 per year after the site is complete.

We Create Custom Web Designs for Our Clients

PaperStreet believes that your website should be a unique reflection of your business. We will work one-on-one with you to develop and build a custom design that sets you apart from the competition.

If this is your first time working with a web design company, or if you are looking for a Martindale alternative, we invite you to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the PaperStreet difference. Call us today at 954-523-2181.

Our 7 Guarantees

Keeping 2,000+ clients happy since 2001.

  1. 1

    You Will Love Your Design

    We design to please you and your clients

  2. 2

    Same-Day Support

    24-hour turnaround edits during business hours

  3. 3

    Free Education

    We provide knowledge to help you expand

  4. 4

    No Hidden Charges

    We quote flat-rate projects

  5. 5

    Own Your Site

    No strings attached

  6. 6

    Create Results

    SEO, PPC, Content + Design = Clients

  7. 7

    We Make Life Easier

    One agency for Web, Branding and Marketing

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