Law Firm Content Writing

Does anyone actually read website copy? Yes. The problem is they often stop reading it as soon as they realize it is the same generic, filler text found on every other lawyer’s website.

Say something original, something of value, and you will hook your audience. You will build trust and boost your search results, authority and web presence — all of which will lead to client inquiries.

PaperStreet specializes in web-friendly, legal content that is tailored to both your audience and search engines. We write, edit and produce, search engine optimized content, general legal website content, blog posts, practice area content, attorney biographies, press releases, legal articles, newsletters, marketing materials, social media posts and more.

Here is our detailed guide on how to produce the best legal content for your law firm.

How Does Your Firm Benefit from Good Legal Content?

  • Establish your firm as an authority in your areas of practice;
  • Increase your firm’s web traffic and quality client inquiries via SEO;
  • Differentiate your firm from your competitors; and
  • Help your firm better educate and connect to your audience.

How to Create a Search Query to Inquiry Funnel

The most effective content answers questions and solves your prospective clients’ problems. The content should be closely aligned with your goals for practice growth and revenue so that it nets high-quality, targeted leads. Visitors will willingly exchange their contact information for these assets and you can leverage their information to gather leads, build relationships and increase your client base.

Our team of attorney-writers create a variety of content, including PDFs, templates, checklists, how-to guides, reports, surveys, articles, white papers, ebooks, and infographics.

If needed, we start with an interview between you and our writer to get a sense of your target market, content goals and the type of information you want to offer. We offer a content-only base package and upgrades for custom design, hosting and lead tracking.

What is Legal Content Writing?

High quality content is targeted. It knows its audience. It reflects the users’ needs and makes itself easy to find and understand. High quality content is useful. It anticipates the questions and concerns of its audience and either answers them directly or suggests resources for more information. It is up-to-date on the latest legal developments.

High-quality legal content is profitable. Whatever you spend, you should expect to make it back (and then some) when you invest in quality content. A vital part of any internet marketing campaign, high-quality content leads to more client inquiries, and the quality of these inquiries will also increase in the long term.

High-quality content is clear, concise and compelling. Show your clients you value their time by posting only interesting, important information you would read if you were in their shoes. We don’t produce junior league stuff with spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, run-on sentences, legal clichés and filler paragraphs.

Finally, you should incorporate important keyword phrases to boost your search engine rankings with our SEO writing and editing services. Let a team of attorney-writers create your content so you can focus on practicing law. We write thousands of pages for law firms each year and we can do the same for you.

How to Choose Topics for Law Firm Content

  • Keyword Research – Start with keyword research. You need to figure out what people are searching for and then you can write.
  • Target Audience / Personas – Figure out who your target audience is and create some mythical personas of a client.
  • Outline – Create a Google Doc or MS Word and begin creating an outline of all your major headlines and subheads.
  • People Also Ask – Run some Google searches and find the People Also Ask section, write on those specific topics.
  • Related Search – Take a look at related searches and see if any other ideas need to be covered.

What are Typical Law Firm Topics for Content?

A typical law firm will need to write about their attorneys, practice areas, and the firm as a starting point. From there, they will need to create specific white papers, guides, or detailed articles about key legal topics or points of interest to potential clients.

The key is long-form guides that will help firms dominate a specific topic area. You need to make sure the guide is detailed enough to answer all possible questions on the topic.

Our writers and editors produce general legal website content and marketing materials, practice area content, attorney biographies, mobile website content, legal articles, social media copy and more. We can create custom press releases or edit and submit them to and other similar websites for syndication.

We can provide recurring, fresh content for your blog, and monthly newsletter copy. Our blogging services are turnkey, from topic conception through writing and posting, which means busy attorneys don’t have to worry about continually creating content or posting it.

What are Other Types of Content?

A content download is an article, checklist, white paper, e-book, infographic, or other downloadable asset that is offered to website visitors in exchange for their name and contact information. Content downloads are one of the most effective tactics to convert and engage visitors.

The more valuable your content is to the reader, the more likely the reader will complete the form and the more contact information you can request.

  • Savings – Leverage content downloads as a cost-effective way to drive targeted traffic to your law firm and convert prospects into clients.
  • Growth – Expand your practice and increase revenues through high-quality, targeted leads.
  • Connections – Connect with your readers and develop relationships with potential clients.

EAT or E-E-A-T for Law Firm Content

Demonstrate Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness

The basic principle of EEAT is to make sure you let potential clients know of your experience as a lawyer. Have you actually practiced in their specific area of need, for example copyright law? Have you handled a personal injury case that is similar to theirs?

Low quality pages often lack an appropriate level of E-E-A-T for the topic or purpose of the page. Here are some examples:

  • The content creator lacks adequate experience, e.g. a restaurant review written by someone who has never eaten at the restaurant.
  • The content creator lacks adequate expertise, e.g. an article about how to skydive written by someone with no expertise in the subject.
  • The website or content creator is not an authoritative or trustworthy source for the topic of the page, e.g. tax form downloads provided on a cooking website.
  • The page or website is not trustworthy for its purpose, e.g. a shopping page with minimal customer service information.

Next you need to demonstrate that you are an expert in that area. Yes, you are a lawyer, but you are competing against other lawyers. You need to showcase your specific expertise with your pedigree, education, awards, wins, and anything else that is notable to show off your knowledge.

For authoritativeness, the search engines will look to your overall reputation. Who are you? Have you been mentioned before? Cited? Are you well known?

Finally, for trustworthiness, this is the overall quality of your page. Is your page credible? Are you transparent with the content, author and clear contact information? Do you have an overall positive reputation?

How to Conduct a Content Analysis

To help you successfully carry out a competitor content analysis while assessing and planning your content marketing campaign, PaperStreet has created this exclusive printable guide to help your law firm stay ahead of the game. Download our free competitor content analysis.

What Makes Your Law Firm Unique?

You must write about why clients should choose you. Some common questions to answer are as follows. Note that you only need one of these, so pick the best one to use as your USP.

  • Being 1st. Being first showcases your experience. You may be the first law firm to practice, get a big win, go paperless, or win an appeal?
  • Attribute Ownership. What is one distinctive characteristic, peculiarity, or feature of your practice? What can your firm say, that no other firm can say?
  • Be a Leader. Leadership positions automatically give respect and notoriety. What area are you a leader in? Why are you a leader in that area?
  • Heritage. Having a history is a powerful way to brand the firm. When did you first start practicing, even if not at this firm? Do you have deep roots in your community?
  • Specialize in your Market. Those that concentrate their practice area are assumed to be experts in their field. What can you say about your practice that no one else can claim?
  • Preferred Provider. People trust firms that represent big names, large organizations, famous people, or have lots of clients. What names have you represented?
  • Make your Service in a Special Way. Do you practice in an innovative way? Paperless? Unique case research? Library of documents to work with? All virtual?
  • Be the Latest. Is your business new? Is it the latest trend? Did you start up practice to get away from doing it some other way?

What Makes Law Firm Content Effective?

The most effective law firms view their content as a long-term investment, have a clear strategy and approach, understand their audience, create it on a regular basis, optimize the content, and measure its effectiveness.

Quality is key. You need to produce guides and resources for your clients to rank high. You need these guides to show your authority, trustworthiness, expertise, and experience you have as a lawyer. The guides should have resources, links, and be professionally edited.

What is Law Firm Content Marketing vs. Content Writing?

Simple. Content writing is writing just a few pages for your firm, typically about your practice areas, attorney biographies, and other firm related pages.

Law firm content marketing is an entire strategic plan to publish content. The goal is typically to rank high, inform your target audience, and become an industry leader in your area of expertise.

SEO Best Practices for Law Firm Content

Some of the specific items you need to be aware of for SEO are:

  • Title Tags: One of the most important tags on your website is the title tag. It tells search engines the overall topic of your page. It is used in ranking pages and displays in the search results.
  • Meta Description: This is a nice pithy statement about the page, typically longer than a title tag and most often included in the search results too.
  • H1: This is the headline of your page. Every page needs one. It can also be the same as your title tag or different
  • H2 / H3: These are the subheads of your page. Each page should have a lot of H2 and H3 tags depending on the length.
  • URLs: Ideally your URLs are not too short and not too long. You should want to have keyword phrases in them and describe your topic.
  • Internal Links: You should internally link all your key pages and related pages.
  • Backlinks: Each key page of your site should get backlinks from other sites. At the very least, you want your homepage to get links.
  • Original Content: You should not have AI generated content or copy content from another source.

Calls to Action – Why You Need Them

Now that you have written your great new content, you need to get the user to take action. Always include a call to action. It can be a link for further reading, a download of a guide, a phone call, or a contact form. Don’t just let your content sit there and not have a call to action.

Outreach and Publication: Where to Publish Your Content

Most likely you are going to publish your content on your own site, either as a practice area, guide, or blog post. However, you don’t necessarily need to publish everything on your site. You can also publish on other websites and get a link back.

  • Own Site – Default
  • Social Media – Post a new update and link to your page.
  • Newsletters – Create a monthly newsletter and link to your page.
  • Community / Forums – Answer questions, post guides, and link to your firm.
  • Partners – Setup an outreach campaign to write articles and get links back.

How to Measure Success

You can measure success several ways:

  1. Inquiries – The best way is to track inquiries and revenue increases.
  2. Rankings – You can check your actual search rankings for those pages you created or updated.
  3. Traffic – You can check your actual analytics for increases in traffic.
  4. Client Happiness – You can also track whether you have fewer questions from clients and are able to provide clients with better guidance.

Why Content Marketing Works for Law Firms

Content marketing serves as a crucial strategy for law firms, enabling them to engage effectively with potential clients and solidify their online presence.

By producing valuable content that addresses the concerns of their target demographic, law firms can showcase their legal acumen, increase awareness of their services, and ultimately attract a broader client base. This approach extends beyond mere content creation; it necessitates a well-defined plan that aligns with the firm’s objectives and interests.

By pinpointing keywords and subjects that resonate with their audience, law firms can enhance their content’s visibility in search engine results, thereby attracting those in search of legal advice or services. This not only bolsters the firm’s reputation but also establishes them as a trusted authority in their sector, distinguishing them from competitors.

When Does Law Firm Content Fail?

Law firm content marketing initiatives often face challenges that can hinder their success, primarily due to a lack of relevance and engagement with the target audience. Here are the primary reasons why law firm content marketing efforts might not be as effective as intended:

  • Insufficient Relevance: A significant barrier in law firm content marketing is the production and dissemination of content that does not resonate with the audience.
  • Ineffective Audience Segmentation: Many law firms disseminate content to a wide audience without customizing it to the specific interests and preferences of the recipients.
  • Internal Focus Over External Engagement: A common pitfall is the tendency of law firms to concentrate on internal achievements, such as lateral hires, office openings, or awards, rather than creating content that is engaging and relevant to their external audience.
  • Lack of Value-Added Analysis: Law firms frequently fail to provide analysis or insights that can help their clients understand the implications of legal developments or business issues.
  • Subpar Quality and Writing Style: The quality of the content produced by law firms can also be a significant factor in its failure.

Law Firm Content Writing Ultimate Guide

Want to Know More? You can see our guide on Content Writing for Law Firms: A Best Practices Guide

How Can PaperStreet Help Your Law Firm?

Our company has more than a decade of experience serving attorneys, lawyers and law firms online. We understand and anticipate the unique needs, concerns and budgets of solo attorneys, medium-sized firms and large firms alike. We also understand the delicate balance involved with creating website content that is both user-friendly and search-engine friendly. When coupled with our SEO services, our law firm content writing has a proven track record of boosting law firms’ website rankings and generating millions of dollars in revenue.

What types of legal content writing do you offer?

Our team can write bios, practice area pages, firm about pages, blogs, whitepapers, newsletters, guides, presentations, and more.

How much does legal content writing cost?

Our content writing typically ranges from $200 to $300 per page, but can vary by project.

What is the turnaround time?

We can turn around content in a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of the project. Review our process chart for creating custom content.

Who writes the content?

Our content is written by attorneys.

Further Questions?

Review our Law Firm Content FAQs to learn even more about our services.

Testimonials and Examples

  • “You are one of my favorite clients, and dealing with people like you makes work a piece of cake – honestly.
  • “Your content for the homepage was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “Well done, this is great! It’s a good balance of showcasing our culture and USP, weaving in our “story theme” and making it compelling.”
  • “I love it! You have made it really unique!”
  • “With regards to the Blog topics, these topics are fantastic!”
  • “I am impressed by the depth of your writer’s research!”
  • “YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. Thank you, again”
  • “You did a wonderful job.”
  • “Brilliant. No changes whatsoever.”
  • “This is excellent. “
  • “You did an excellent job. I like it. It is good. “

Key Benefits for Law Firm Content Writing Services

Makes Your Job Easier – Writing or producing lawyer content yourself takes you away from your core business. Let us take care of your content so you can stay focused.

Sets Your Firm Apart – Does your content contain errors, legalese, or dense paragraphs that no one actually reads? Does it distinguish you from the competition? PaperStreet specializes in web-friendly, SEO-optimized content that is clean, compelling and tailored to your audience.

Cost-Effective, Results-Driven – We work with various budgets. Quality legal content boosts search engine rankings and it attracts more clients, which, in turn, produces a great return on investment. We also write content at a flat rate. Review our prices and give us a call to talk specifics.


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