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Law Firm Content Pricing

Law Firm Content Pricing

We have law firm content plans to fit most budgets.


Affordable Content Plans

Quality website content is not a luxury. At PaperStreet, we have law firm content plans to fit most budgets.

We aren’t the cheapest, but we deliver a quality product and a tremendous value. (Trust us, you don’t want cheap content. It will be full of errors, which you will then have to fix. You’ll get frustrated and ultimately decide to rewrite the whole thing yourself. Sounds fun.)

To help with your planning and budgeting process, we provide general pricing guidelines. Please remember, however, that every content project we handle is tailored to our client’s individual needs, so costs vary. Please contact us for a custom quote at 954-523-2181.

Factors that influence our prices include size, scope and deadline of the project, as well as whether it is part of a larger PaperStreet SEO campaign. Discounts are available for law firms that sign up for multiple services. Our general guidelines are as follows:

Content Writing

Custom Content

  • Cost: $175 per page (up to 500 words).
  • Includes: Custom, original content tailored to meet client goals. Written to appeal to both readers and search engines. Can include branding research, in-depth interview with stakeholder(s) and incorporation of client comments/revisions.
  • Good for: Attorneys and law firms that want exclusive web site content to boost their search engine rankings, impress clients and reflect their unique brand.

Copy Editing

Content Editing

  • Cost: $75 per page (up to 500 words).
  • Includes: In-depth edit of content including sentence clarity, word choice, redundancies and/or inaccuracies in text, consistency/standardization, tone/voice, organization, flow/transitions, headlines, calls to action, sentence structure, gaps in content, presentation and formatting. Also includes on-page optimization of content for SEO clients.
  • Good for: Law firms that seek an in-depth edit of existing content but don’t need or have the budget for a re-write.

SEO Editing

  • Cost: $75 per page.
  • Includes: Search engine optimization editing of existing content (via artful inclusion of keywords, headlines, and other techniques,) as well as writing of unique title tags, meta descriptions and alt tags for each page. Also includes review for thin, missing or duplicate content that would affect search rankings.
  • Good for: Law firms that have existing content but want to boost their search engine rankings for their practice areas and geographic location. Attorneys who want to increase site traffic, as well as the conversion rate of potential clients who come to their web site.


  • Cost: $75 per page
  • Includes: Basic proofing of existing content for errors, including spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Good for: Attorneys who prefer to write their own content -- or law firms who are happy with their existing content -- but want an experienced “second pair of eyes” to catch any mistakes or inconsistencies.

Blog Packages

Blog Writing

  • Cost: $175 per blog post.
  • Includes: Original, custom blog posts tailored to your practice areas, offering timely and compelling information and/or commentary on pre-approved topics. Featuring artful use of SEO keyword phrases to boost search engine rankings. Our writers also research and develop blog topic ideas for client approval.
  • Good for: Law firms that want to dominate search engine keyword phrases (such as "Florida Probate Attorney" or "New Jersey Employment Lawyer") and/or busy attorneys who don’t have the time to write their own blog but want to establish themselves as an authority in a particular practice area. We recommend regular blog posts as a vital part of any SEO campaign.

Blog Editing

  • Cost: $75 a regularly scheduled post.
  • Includes: Proofing for spelling and grammatical errors, editing for increased readability, SEO keywords, headlines.
  • Good for: Attorneys who want to write their own blogs/articles, but desire an experienced editor clean up errors and position the post to be easy to read for people and search engines alike.

Can’t decide which package is for you?

Visit our Results page to see samples of our blogs, content writing and editing for other firms.

PaperStreet often combines unique content writing or SEO editing with a more comprehensive SEO campaign that extends to other aspects of your web site. If top search results are your primary goal, this may be your best strategy. Discounts are available to law firms that sign up for multiple services.

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