Website Analysis and Consulting

Website Analysis & Consulting

Find Site Errors, Before Your Clients Do

Website Analysis & Consulting For Law Firms, Professionals & Businesses

You have a meeting with a potential client. It is a deal that can transform your firm and set it on a path for growth. Before your big meeting, your potential client will be reading about you on your new website.

However, you are not sure if everything is right. You spent thousands of dollars to build the website and it took months to create, but you have the sneaking suspicion that something is off. Something that could make you look like a first-year law student. Perhaps corners were cut to get it launched on time and budget and now your fretting.

You need your website to be pixel perfect. No mistakes.

What you need is a thorough review. You need to get a website analysis and find hidden errors. We will make sure your development team did not cut any corners, skip best practices, or miss something that can harm your reputation. We will find errors, before your clients do.

Three Reasons Why you Need Us

  1. Let Experts Help

    We know enough about internet marketing to be dangerous. Sure, you hear all the discussions about how your website should be "responsive" and "content is king," but you don’t understand the differences between jQuery, PHP, CTA, CMS, GA and other industry acronyms and how they are used. We can help. We have produced more than 1,000 websites to date during our 15 years in business.

  2. Fresh Set of Eyes

    We are your second opinion. You have spent the last month, or even the last year working on your new website. You have reviewed the same design and pages day-after-day. We are a fresh set of eyes. One that will review your website in detail and provide a fresh perspective. We will catch errors that you and your web development team have overlooked.

  3. Peace of Mind

    Did your developer cut corners? Did they miss something? Can the website be faster? The answer is probably yes, yes and yes. On every website we review, we find at least one critical error that needs improvement. Let us discover that critical error for you.

Clients Love Us


"The team at PaperStreet really came through for my firm in creating everything I envisioned. The site was sleek, user friendly and incorporated every feature that was important to me. The layout was well organized so that the site conveyed all the information I would want visitors to see, but in a way that was not cumbersome or overwhelming. The team was extremely responsive and accommodating when it came to any revisions or additions I had to the initial draft of the layout. In short order they provided a finished product that exceeded my expectations."

What Do We Do

We analyze every page of your website. We run your website through a battery of tests to find errors. This is not simply an automated test. We manually check pages. We produce a simple and detailed report for both you and your web developer.

What Do You Get?

After we review your website in detail, you will receive the following:

  1. Report: A user-friendly, easy-to-understand PDF summary. We prioritize the most important updates, so that you know where to focus your attention and budget.
  2. Consulting: An one-hour of teleconference of what the report means in a Q/A session.
  3. Discounts: A 15 percent discount rate on web editing, in case your web team cannot fix the issues in the report yourself. Your web developer should understand how to fix each error, if not we can help.

Top 10 Items We Typically Find In Our Reports

  1. Broken Links
  2. Spelling
  3. Poor Navigation
  4. Typography (spacing, size and font choices)
  5. Not Mobile Friendly
  6. Not Optimized for Speed
  7. Analytics is Not Installed
  8. Contact Form Issues
  9. Call to Action Issues (main imagery, headers, and goals)
  10. Inconsistencies (lists, names, phone number formats)

Tools We Use

Our own quality assurance team has a specific method of checking sites. We manually review the entire site. In additional we use a variety of tools to check your site including: Scrutiny Link Checker, Google Page Insights, Sitebeam, Moz, AHREFS, Link Detox, and Pingdom.

Review a condensed version of our launch and quality assurance checklists and well as the 10 critical factors that should be checked before launch.

Can’t I Just Do this Myself?

Certainly, you can do this yourself. You can review all pages and run them through the same tests we use (although you may need subscriptions to some). However, keep in mind that you probably have already reviewed the website in detail. A second set of eyes is often helpful.

Moreover, it often takes several hours to review your website and generate a report. Save time by letting an expert who can quickly determine whether an error is a false-positive or something that should be acted on immediately.

Contact Us for a Report

Contact us today to get pricing on an analysis. Pricing starts at just $299 for a review of a small site. Our analysis pricing includes a detailed report, 1-hour consultation and 15% discounts on any related development work.

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