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About Our Company

PaperStreet knows what works for busy law firms. Founded by a lawyer, for lawyers, we improve lawyers' reputations one website at a time.

PaperStreet specializes in law firm web design, content and Internet marketing. Law firms come to us to build and market their websites because we impress and get results.

Your website is the most important marketing asset to your law firm. It should be a unique reflection of your company, not a cookie-cutter copy of your competitors. It should be fast, easy to update, impressive and reasonably priced. It should be yours with no strings attached: No mandatory subscriptions, no required services or recurring fees for "mystery maintenance" and no limits on the number of pages.

PaperStreet has been designing websites for more than 19 years. Our company has produced more than 1,700 custom website projects and we have won numerous awards, including a Webby nomination.

Finally, when law firm marketing matters, contact PaperStreet to help. We wrote the book on marketing and know how to get your firm the results you need.

Discounted Pricing for Members of The Florida Bar

As an approved member of The Florida Bar Member Benefits Program, all members of The Florida bar will receive a 10% discount off our services. Contact us today and mention the code “Florida Bar” to take advantage of this great discount. You must mention this to take advantage of the offer at the proposal stage. This only applies to new clients, signing up for new services.

Why Choose Us?

Website Design- Our custom website designs are unique. We understand the needs of lawyers and we offer a variety of plans for every law firm budget. Check out our award-winning portfolio.

Content - Your website content is crucial to impressing clients and conveying your firms' experience and successes. Our attorney-writers specialize in web-friendly content that is clean, compelling and tailored to your audience.

SEO - High search rankings drive more client inquiries. PaperStreet has helped over 100 law firms rank on the first page of search results. We provide exclusive, ethical, results for our clients.

Digital Marketing - We also offer PPC, social media services, newsletters, branding and more. We have a proven track record of success for law firms.

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We love to educate clients and help improve site usability, content quality and conversions.
Contact us today for a free content consultation, 954-523-2181. We promise to give you detailed
feedback on how to make your content and website better.

Founded by a Lawyer, for Lawyers

PaperStreet knows what works for busy partners, shareholders and legal professionals. We understand - and anticipate - your needs. Our founder and president is an attorney as well as our Content Director. We use attorney writers too and have worked with over 1,500 clients.

Impress. Get Results.

Our team is focused on impressing and getting results. We don't just build something to look pretty, although our sites do win awards for their appearance. We focus on building brands and improving the return on investment for our clients.

Clients Love Us

Rudman Law Firm

"The team at PaperStreet really came through for my firm in creating everything I envisioned. The site was sleek, user friendly and incorporated every feature that was important to me. The layout was well organized so that the site conveyed all the information I would want visitors to see, but in a way that was not cumbersome or overwhelming. The team was extremely responsive and accommodating when it came to any revisions or additions I had to the initial draft of the layout. In short order they provided a finished product that exceeded my expectations."


"We really enjoyed working with the PaperStreet team. They were quite knowledgeable in regards to law firm operations and were instrumental in guiding us through the entire process. Everyone was very responsive - always getting back to us quickly with requested changes or answers to questions. I can't say enough about customer service - they are fantastic!"

Searcy Law firm

"I have been working with PaperStreet in all aspects of development and SEO. In fact, we have done some things together that others cannot do simply because they are willing to be imaginative and creative on both the development and search engine optimization (SEO) side. So far, we have built and successfully operated over 12 websites (including updates). With their assistance, we have taken our main website from total visitors of approximately 9000 to total visitors of over 180,000 in (5) years."

Our Results

Searcy Law Firm

The firm receives 4+ inquieries per day, thanks to a broad-based ranking for over 500 keyword phrases.


Result: PaperStreet welcomed the challenge and succeeded. Levine Law ranks in the Top 3 for more than 10+ different keyword phrases in Denver, dominating the local market.

Thorn Law Group

Thorn Law Group continually holds top rankings, both on Map Packs and Organically, for phrases like Washington DC Tax Lawyer, Washington DC Business Tax lawyer, Washington DC International Tax Attorney, and others.