Update Your Google Ad Sizes for Increased Reach


Why Upgrade?

We are recommending that all of our clients design four new ad sizes for their Google AdWords marketing campaigns. If you upgrade, you will have more ad inventory to display your firm’s ads. These new ads are also proven to convert at a higher rate according to Google.  So hopefully that leads to more clicks and clients.

There are currently three ad sizes:

  • Medium Rectangle – 300×250 (very common and performs well)
  • Leaderboard – 728×90 (very common and performs well)
  • Vertical Ad – 120x 600 (not used as often)

The additional ad sizes we recommend are:

  • Mobile Leaderboard – 320 x 50 (most popular on mobile devices – small mobile ad)
  • Large Mobile Ad – 320 x 100 (twice the height of a normal mobile ad)
  • Large Rectangle Ad – 336 x 280 (large inventory and performs well)
  • Half Page Ad – 300 x 600 (fastest growing ad size and best performer)

If you’re interested in updating your ad-sizes, we would be happy to budget a one-time $150 fee to design four new ads and upload them to your campaign.

What Will We Do?

Google recommends five ad sizes for best performance for your campaign (we are adding a sixth based on the need for two mobile ads). Review the guide to ad sizes.

We already have two of the sizes completed – medium rectangle and leaderboard. We also have a vertical ad size for your firm that is not being used as frequently now (but can still run). We are adding small mobile ad, large mobile ad, large rectangle ad and half page ad per their guidelines to improve your campaign.

Google offers 12 other additional ad sizes, not mentioned in this article. If you want to cover everything, then let us know. We can create an ad type for $40 each. However, we recommend starting with the above and improving over time.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We recommend that all of our clients update their ads now. The cost would be a flat rate of $150 for redesign of those four new ads.  Please contact us today if you would like to move forward.

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