3 Useful Online Tools for Creating Optimal Web Content

Content is a crucial marketing component for any law firm that currently has a website. However, creating content that is optimal in length, quality and has all the bells and whistles for ranking high across search engines isn’t always the easiest thing to do – especially when you already have a multitude of firm-related matters to handle. Luckily, PaperStreet has your back. Below are three useful online tools that can help you create optimal web content.

Copyscape (www.copyscape.com)

When publishing content on the web, originality is key. Unfortunately, even though you may have created copy from scratch, there’s always the chance that your work may be plagiarized or even penalized by search engines if you inadvertently wrote content that has too many similarities with another site’s previously published copy – or even your own. Enter Copyscape.

Copyscape is one of the most important – not to mention popular and trusted – solutions for verifying content originality. The application scans and reviews your copy, searching for any signs of duplicate content across the web. Copyscape offers a convenient, free plagiarism checker that lets you see if anyone else on the web is publishing your content or if your own content bears too many resemblances to existing copy on the web. Simply input your copy, submit and Copyscape will handle the rest. For more extensive copy searches or for checking larger batches of content, you can opt for the premium, paid version.

EZlocal Pro – Title Tag and Meta Description Length Tool (http://ezlocal.com/tools/meta-title-counter/)

If you are running an SEO campaign, title tags and meta descriptions are a must. However, these SEO elements must remain within strict character count limits. Title tags should run no longer than 65 characters, while meta descriptions should be capped at 155 characters. If you exceed these limits, search engines will truncate your copy. Plus, capitalized words and symbols can add additional characters you may not even be aware of if you are using a basic word count tool or counting characters manually.

EZlocal Pro takes the guessing game out of character counting. Simply input your intended title tag and meta description on the site and the program will count the characters for you as well as let you know if you are within the appropriate limits – at no charge. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

CapitalizeMyTitle.com (https://capitalizemytitle.com/)

Figuring out what words to capitalize in a title can be cumbersome, but proper capitalization lets your readers know you mean business. Still, depending on the stylebook you follow – AP, Chicago Manual, MLA, etc. – it’s easy to get confused. Once you select a style, it’s important to remain consistent when creating new copy. There are tons of title capitalization tools online, but I’m partial to CapitalizeMyTitle.com. This nifty site offers you a choice between the four main stylebooks: APA, Chicago, AP and MLA. Best of all, it’s free to use!

These three online tools can help you create awesome copy and save time in the process. Still, they are just three of countless other content tools available on the web. Do you have a favorite, go-to tool? Let us know by sharing your thoughts below!

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