Dumb Question: Why Do Most Law Firms Not Have Logos?

There is an interesting debate going on LinkedIn regarding logos and why law firms do not have them (you can read the discussion here).

Most of the gang on LinkedIn believes that law firms simply: (1) do not have enough time, (2) it is not a priority, and/or (3) it forces the firm to make decisions. Everyone agrees they should have them, but that they just don’t.

I think that law firm logo design can be easy. If you are interested in a logo design process, here is how we work: http://www.paperstreet.com/blog/1879. This was a project for a law firm in Georgia, the country, not the state.

Even thought the client was 6,000 miles away, the process only took a few weeks, about 20 hours of work on our end, and perhaps a few hours on the clients end to just review/decide. Total cost was a few thousand dollars, a few hours of their time, and they now have a logo for the next 10 years of business.

Logos do not have to be time consuming if you have a talented designer. They should be part of your overall branding. It sets the tone for everything the firm does with marketing.

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